Friday, January 19, 2007


Did you watch the news last night? I sat in shock as once again two huge companies have lost thier clients personal info. The one that got me personally was that the company that owns TJ Maxx in the states and Winners here in Canada got hacked and now who knows who has access to personal banking info of mine! I used to shop at Winners alot and always used my bank card well lets just say will be checking those statements and pulling my credit report just to be safe.
Not only did the hackers get millions of credit card numbers but the company pulled one over one thier customers too by not telling them for over a month after the facts where known...can you say thier public image is now damaged! I know that I wont shop thier again! They lost my buisness by hiding the facts..shame on them! Now the CIBC (large Canadian Bank) lost a hard drive with mutual fund clients info on it in a move of buildings, that one doesnt effect me but I can imagine there will be fall out there as well....All of this is a reminder to be safe where ID and money is at play..carry only what you need and triple check every statement..I guess when things like this happen it reminds us of what we can or should be doing better.

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