Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

Last night I rented " The Pursuit of Happyness". What a great movie! Talk about motivating it was that and more. It reminded me that where I live you can do and become what you set your mind too. It takes having a dream and chasing after it.....It means doing the work. It means thinking big...the movie was a great reminder of where I live and the possiblities that can happen here.

Talking about what can happen here is sems that some that pursue happyness get stuck on a downward spiral like the character Will played and some end up on the street like him, some end up in shelters and more and more it is happening to families here in the US and Canada and that is such a SHAME. I often see us worrying about the traviesties far away ie Iraq, Afganistan, Africa but the plight of the poorest kids well I wonder how many of them may begin to hate the land where they live cause of LACK in lands of wealth? To come back from that kind of reality is so hard. I know from first hand experience.

I havent ever really blogged about the hardest six months of my life. I ended up in a shelter when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Roo. I was in Carlsbad NM. I couldnt get back to Canada as I was in a high risk pregnancy and travel was impossible. I ended up in the shelter there and am thankful there at least is a shelter system. The counsellors and staff were great really but i was so sad, at what should of been a happy time. I was suicidal in fact that Thanksgiving Day all I could think about is how I wanted life to be over. If I had not of been carrying Roo I would not be here today. It was because I couldnt end her life that I am here.
Roo was born without a home as many kids are money...and no resources. I can relate to the anger, fear, frustration that many that find themselves at the bottom of the pile.

Roo was born into extreme American poverty that is the reality for 100,000 of thousands in the land of plenty. The programs like Foodstamps, WIC, welfare are well very lacking in really helping to give a helping hand up and dont get me started on how the US and Canada treat our should be a crime. Especially when they may be disabled due to service to country.I could rant for days on that topic but I degress.

It was the help of a few friends esecially the help of one man who happens to be one of the towns prosectors. He let me look after his mom for a few months and that got me the money that I would eventually travel back to Canada on.

Rachel was 8 months old when we got back to Canada finally in Aug of 1998...and again we were homeless and again having to go to a shelter. This time the Red Door here in Toronto took us in. Thankfully we were in this shelter a very short time....10 days and then I was able to get a room and launch a life here in Canada.

By the time Roo was 16 months old I had found a fulltime job...and again was pursuing happyness but It was more then a struggle and I can understand why that struggle leads some to give up and turn to hate, and anger and even to home grown terrorism....all you have to do is really see the pain that is there.

The one thing that I think matters most as we travel on this pursuit are the people that cross our paths....for me I will never ever forget those who gave a listening ear, groceries when we were without, a place to stay after a deadly fire, the advice of great thinkers who I have ben blessed to meet, there are many who have helped to remind me that the pursuit of happyness in well worth it.

Right now I aint where i want to be but i am not where I used to be either....I am pursuing my road to happyness!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

199 Days and Counting

It has been a super busy week here with hardly any time to blog.

first I want to start tracking how many days to the biggest atheletic challenge I have ever undertaken. The Toronto Marathon is in October....exactly 199 days from right now I will be at the starting line getting ready to walk the half marathon. I will also be walking to raise money for The Princess Margaret Hospital...and will provide links later where you can sponser me!

April is about getting the physio done on my ankle...techinically the cast is off! I am using the Aircast for longer walks while doing the physio...and by May 1st I want to be back on my walking regime. Training is going to be an important part of my day.

I want to take you back to the second day of the Wealth Expo as well here in Toronto. I am glad I went listening to RAymond Aaron was such a great reminder how important it is to have mentors, and written goals and accountability in our lives...great speaker if you evenr get to go and hear him. If I had the money I think the Monthly Mentor program would be worth every penny.......but when you are a single mom that is beyond stretched I couldnt do it. With that said I am trying to out together a great team of mentors to help me grow and stretch.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Cityline ( a tv show here in Canada)...I won tickects to thier Money Special Show next Wednesday so prayerfully that is a chance for me to learn much more about how to handle, budget etc. I am excited about going!

Well it is time to get Roo off to school so hope all my friends are having a great week!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wealth Expo Day One

My day yesterday started so very early---4 am to be exact......wanted to get to the convention center early and I was there early YEAH as that helped me secure great seating etc...I learnt alot about investing in the first seminar that I went too and a website called Investortools...Supposed to be a great way to check the stocks etc you may have. Then I listen to George Foreman...His main message was FIGHT! When the chips are down that is when you really have to give it your all. After George tried to get into a couple of diff semianars but they were full. So I ended up having lunch with my friend Dave who was also at the event. Then after lunch we got seperated and I ended up meeting up with Bagnos and Joanne and hanging with them till it was time to go back to the Main Room to see Tony Robbins--it was 3 hours of turbo charge --so reminded me of things I learnt from him 12 years ago when I did one of his weekends back then. It was fun to have my friend Bagnos beside me and watch his reaction to Tony. I left after Tony as it was time to come home and get Roo.

She had been babysat since yesterday by a single mom friend. She had a great time and loved having slept over which is a first for her in many years! They are quickly becoming good buds and Roo so needs that...So it was a very GOOD day for the both of us.

Today I am on my way to listen to David Bach, Raymond Aaron and Donald Trump...I should be getting stayed home this am as my ankle was really aching cant wait for it to be better!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today Is

Have you ever been intersted in someone? I know I have....over the years there have been many a man that have caught my eye.

In my life I have 3 EX's---there was Glenn ( my California love), Maurice --my ex finace and Maritime love, and then Roo's dad. Today is my 10th Wedding Anniversay...10 years ago I made covenants and commitments that I thought would last a life time. They last 10 days shy of one year....Roo's dad seemed to change in front of me as soon as the vows were said ........and we had between dating and being engaged had spent a year together before marrying...I truely did love him for a very LONG time.

Now when I think of the lessons I have learnt.... One trust any "red" flags, if there is one then you will see it, and you need to ackowledge it....The other is to guard my heart. Since Roo's dad I have gone on many a date, even got seriously intersted in one guy, infact we went on several dates but I have realized he is simply a good friend....that was a hard realization for me as I so wanted him to be the "one" but alas that wasnt in the cards...I have realized that I give Hollie and my heart too easily. That is something I need to guard against. I also realized that by hanging out with this guy as much as I did and Roo knew about it that I set her up for a hurt and that aint a good thing. I have learned that I need to guard both our hearts...not just mine.

What good came out of this short union? ROO! I have been so blessed by being a mom. I have grown and learned so very much in my time with her. I have learned what really matters in life and that is to LOVE while you can. Encourage when you can and enjoy the matter how short or how long.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Testing the Nation

More and more I am enjoying CBC is a Canadian network offering some really good viewing as of late. Both Roo and I are loving Corner Gas and got such a kick out of this season's finale and the Prime Minster did great in his comedy debue.

But last night was really great viewing. At least I enjoyed it! First there was the hunt for the Great Next Prime Minister..the Four Young canaidates all held there own when questioned by our old PM's. The questions were hard ones too, especially when it came to issues such as immigration vs our decling birth rate--our country right now is relying on immigration for growth and that is a fact. Then there were questions about the changing role of Canada in the world as we have moved beyond peace keeping into the arena of war wiith our role in Afganistan. These are important questions to be asking as it seems a election may be right around the corner. For me the show encouraged me and gave me hope that Canada could have some great leaders in the very near future not sure I trust those in power right now.

Then after looking for a great next PM the CBC tested the nation. It was a show were we could test our IQ's and see where we rank...Do you know the average CAnadian has an IQ of 90-110 and if you scored over 130 you are really smart! Well on the show there were 6 groups competing and it didnt surprise me that both the millionaries and suregeons did well scoring over 117...yep we have a bunch of smart people up here in the North Lands! I did the test online right before the show so do you want to know how I scored? Am I smart? average? or below average? WELLLLLLL...........drum roll please.......................................

I am AN AVERAGE CANADIAN....with a score of 105.

I did really well in the language and memory areas...My weak link was Math...ERRRR! But I have always known that I am more of a creative basically I got told what I aready knew. So for you cannucks did you do the test? Or if you arent have you taken one and how well did you do?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Movie Marathoning

This weekend Roo and I have been having a mvoie marathon pj party. We started yesterday around 4 pm....Got into our pjs early, did dinner early,then popped a great big supply of popcorn. Roo decided that we should rent the Harry Potter movies so we could watch them one after the other. Roo has really enjoyed the movies and so have I...I also rented a movie for me--The Holiday( yes I know CHICK flick) but it is what I was in the mood for and really couldnt wait to see it. I loved the home swap idea and the thought of exploring a fresh new place you have never been well that is just tooo enciting for this gal. I really did enjoy it but I am a chick and I have a love for the good chick flick, they bring a smile to my face. It has been a quiet weekend thus far and for that I am glad--quiet is good sometimes!

For those of you who are Irish or have some Irish blood like me I wish you a Happy St Patty's Day! and may you kiss a blimey top of the day to you and yours! Have fun whether it be a quiet time at home or going out and about make it a day to enjoy...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Lucky Week and Magician in Training

Well I am kind of expecting something big to happen! I feel like I am on a roll. I have won several contests this week everything from Song downloads, to Hair color, to passes to see Preminition( the new Sandra Bullock movie) you see Im on a role..LUCKY gal am I!

Then there was the call on Monday, 15 minutes after my girlfriend Ruby handed in my resume to the head of her HR I got a call and they want to see me next week for an interview. I am looking forward to it. The job would be for an insurance broker and the best thing about the job is BENEFITS! Full ones after 90 days! So sending the good vibes out there!

Today Roo and I went to a Magic Show as she is on Spring Break. It was at one of the malls in our ol Neighbourhood The Shops on Steeles. ( great lil Mall with the best events for kids). Well guess who got to be a magician in training-- my wee Roo! She was a great lil illusionist. She sure had fun --the whole theme was Carnival. They had games and crafts set up for the kids. It sure is great to see a mall put on a free event for the kids. It was fun to watch her as she raced from game station to crafts and back to the ames prior to the show. The smile on her face was a delight to watch.

We also got to see our good friends the Mills family and it was SO good especially to see Helen! My dear friends mom has spent the last 6 months recovering from an heart infection that kills many and yet she is such a survivor! It was so good to visit with them even if only for a few minutes.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sh The Secret

I have a secret I have watched the movie "The Secret" and am reading the book...I blogged about it last week in another neather land and today I recieved my first opppositional email.
It was from one of my evangical girl friends who well thinks I am reading and thinking on things that are anti Christ and that speak of the last day. Well here is what I think about what I am reading and have thought for many years..

First I believe in Christ. I believe that he came, he taught us how to live and died a horrid death and it is because of that we can have immortality...plain and simple that aint no secret.

Yet with that said I think there is much more to believing then just that I beleive that our God created natural laws and rules just as much as he created the sun and earth. These laws are for our good if we apply them. These laws include the things that Christ taught. In fact all of them you can find at some place in the bible.

There is a poem by Mother Theresa that I think speaks well to this:

LIFE Mother Theresa
Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.
There is much to say about the secrets that can help us create the best life now. I really dont think the life of a christian woman is to be I will wait simply on God. He had certain expectations of those who were to truley follow him. He has taught that we are to think and then to do! After all did not Christ do that and we are to follow him...He thought( he had a vision --plans for his life) and then he took delibrate and intentional actions to meet his goal. I think that faith is an important element in a life well lived, and to have faith you MUST have a vision to the future ( or what do you really have faith in?) and then you must put that faith into action.....for a life full of simple Halleljah with no works is fruitless.
Can I balance what is being taught in the book The Secret and my faith in Christ -- the answer is simple YES. There are many great lessons that we can walk away from the book with and the best is this have a VISION and dare to dream and then take the small steps that you need to make to make it a moves in action if it is true faith 100% of the time! And that is my secret

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Blogging and Blogland

Hi All

I have been still blogging over at MSN...over my years there I have buildt up so many friends there that even with all the problems MSN has been having with thier forums and blog site I still stay.

If any of you know me I have a few hobbies so I am hoping to blog about them here.

First is scrapbooking...any life worth living is worth recording and for me the best way to do that is scrapbook!

Then there is one of my newest addictions PSP--Paint Shop Pro, alot of time is spent making and creating tags for friends.

Then there is my addiction to contests. Have you ever entered one? Ever known the thrill of winning? My latest win was a pass to see Keith Urban downtown here in Toronto, before that it was a basket of beauty products from my local drug store, I have won a beach ball from Baskin and Robbins and lots of different food prizes over the years. What are your favorite contests? Are you a sweepstakes addict?

I would love to win a trip.......especially one South! So yes this gal will keep on trying!
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