Thursday, March 29, 2007

199 Days and Counting

It has been a super busy week here with hardly any time to blog.

first I want to start tracking how many days to the biggest atheletic challenge I have ever undertaken. The Toronto Marathon is in October....exactly 199 days from right now I will be at the starting line getting ready to walk the half marathon. I will also be walking to raise money for The Princess Margaret Hospital...and will provide links later where you can sponser me!

April is about getting the physio done on my ankle...techinically the cast is off! I am using the Aircast for longer walks while doing the physio...and by May 1st I want to be back on my walking regime. Training is going to be an important part of my day.

I want to take you back to the second day of the Wealth Expo as well here in Toronto. I am glad I went listening to RAymond Aaron was such a great reminder how important it is to have mentors, and written goals and accountability in our lives...great speaker if you evenr get to go and hear him. If I had the money I think the Monthly Mentor program would be worth every penny.......but when you are a single mom that is beyond stretched I couldnt do it. With that said I am trying to out together a great team of mentors to help me grow and stretch.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Cityline ( a tv show here in Canada)...I won tickects to thier Money Special Show next Wednesday so prayerfully that is a chance for me to learn much more about how to handle, budget etc. I am excited about going!

Well it is time to get Roo off to school so hope all my friends are having a great week!


Lynn said...

GRRR!!! I had a whole line of comments and now they've poofed!

Happy Weekend...La's tugging me I can't repost it all...will come back this weekend and try again.

Lorelai said...

I found your blog by way of Barnyard. Wow finally someone else who made the move over here to blogspot. I love it so much better.

I'll be back

Enjoy your weekend.

Lorelai said...

Hi Hollie - yes I guess you did pick an interesting day to visit my site. Your view points are welcome and appreciated. I am always open. I am not disputing many comments you made and agree even with some.

My problem with Rosie and the reason I said go live in Iran...

I just don't see her as appreciative for what she does have in this country. Which is the ability to voice her views on a national platform. I think it is great that we have the ability to criticize our government with no fear. My point was let her go live in Iran for a while and see how she views it then. I hate the way she seems to refuse to listen to other views yet she wants others to see hers. I dis-like the fact that she makes many issues a gay and lesbian issue when it doesn't need to be.

No I am not happy with the way things have gone with this war and the gulf war and yes I blame Clinton for the Gulf war issues. This his wife will not be getting my vote.

All that being said my original point of the Rosie rant was just for once I would like to see these big overpaid stars to be a little grateful for the country they do live in. Sure we have our faults but we are STILL a great country and this country allows them to receive their huge paychecks and to criticize their government freely.

Thank you for stopping by - hope I didn't scare you away. I usually don't do political rants, but Rosie had me angry today.

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