Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Blogging and Blogland

Hi All

I have been still blogging over at MSN...over my years there I have buildt up so many friends there that even with all the problems MSN has been having with thier forums and blog site I still stay.

If any of you know me I have a few hobbies so I am hoping to blog about them here.

First is scrapbooking...any life worth living is worth recording and for me the best way to do that is scrapbook!

Then there is one of my newest addictions PSP--Paint Shop Pro, alot of time is spent making and creating tags for friends.

Then there is my addiction to contests. Have you ever entered one? Ever known the thrill of winning? My latest win was a pass to see Keith Urban downtown here in Toronto, before that it was a basket of beauty products from my local drug store, I have won a beach ball from Baskin and Robbins and lots of different food prizes over the years. What are your favorite contests? Are you a sweepstakes addict?

I would love to win a trip.......especially one South! So yes this gal will keep on trying!

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