Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Lucky Week and Magician in Training

Well I am kind of expecting something big to happen! I feel like I am on a roll. I have won several contests this week everything from Song downloads, to Hair color, to passes to see Preminition( the new Sandra Bullock movie) you see Im on a role..LUCKY gal am I!

Then there was the call on Monday, 15 minutes after my girlfriend Ruby handed in my resume to the head of her HR I got a call and they want to see me next week for an interview. I am looking forward to it. The job would be for an insurance broker and the best thing about the job is BENEFITS! Full ones after 90 days! So sending the good vibes out there!

Today Roo and I went to a Magic Show as she is on Spring Break. It was at one of the malls in our ol Neighbourhood The Shops on Steeles. ( great lil Mall with the best events for kids). Well guess who got to be a magician in training-- my wee Roo! She was a great lil illusionist. She sure had fun --the whole theme was Carnival. They had games and crafts set up for the kids. It sure is great to see a mall put on a free event for the kids. It was fun to watch her as she raced from game station to crafts and back to the ames prior to the show. The smile on her face was a delight to watch.

We also got to see our good friends the Mills family and it was SO good especially to see Helen! My dear friends mom has spent the last 6 months recovering from an heart infection that kills many and yet she is such a survivor! It was so good to visit with them even if only for a few minutes.


Katy said...

hello! Do you think reading The Secret had anything to do with your new winning streak. Funny that your friend found it anti-Christian. Doesn't the bible say "I have plans to prosper you?" Maybe I'm misquoting there.

I like the new blog, and agree that blogs not on MSN are a lot easier to deal with. I keep plotting my move, but never make it anywhere--maybe this summer.


Blahblahblog said...

Hi Hollie, I wait too long between visits and am so glad for you last coment. I never got you on my friends list on MSN and I have to go into my archives to get other addresses to click on. I haven't had much trouble on my site but I have noticed zero problems on this one. My Daughter uses this one too. Well wishing you luck with you contests. It is possible to win, look at me and my backyard make over contest! I will mak a list of blogs that I visit and add you to it so I can keep up with you and Roo. Have a great weekend.

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