Saturday, March 17, 2007

Movie Marathoning

This weekend Roo and I have been having a mvoie marathon pj party. We started yesterday around 4 pm....Got into our pjs early, did dinner early,then popped a great big supply of popcorn. Roo decided that we should rent the Harry Potter movies so we could watch them one after the other. Roo has really enjoyed the movies and so have I...I also rented a movie for me--The Holiday( yes I know CHICK flick) but it is what I was in the mood for and really couldnt wait to see it. I loved the home swap idea and the thought of exploring a fresh new place you have never been well that is just tooo enciting for this gal. I really did enjoy it but I am a chick and I have a love for the good chick flick, they bring a smile to my face. It has been a quiet weekend thus far and for that I am glad--quiet is good sometimes!

For those of you who are Irish or have some Irish blood like me I wish you a Happy St Patty's Day! and may you kiss a blimey top of the day to you and yours! Have fun whether it be a quiet time at home or going out and about make it a day to enjoy...

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