Monday, March 19, 2007

Testing the Nation

More and more I am enjoying CBC is a Canadian network offering some really good viewing as of late. Both Roo and I are loving Corner Gas and got such a kick out of this season's finale and the Prime Minster did great in his comedy debue.

But last night was really great viewing. At least I enjoyed it! First there was the hunt for the Great Next Prime Minister..the Four Young canaidates all held there own when questioned by our old PM's. The questions were hard ones too, especially when it came to issues such as immigration vs our decling birth rate--our country right now is relying on immigration for growth and that is a fact. Then there were questions about the changing role of Canada in the world as we have moved beyond peace keeping into the arena of war wiith our role in Afganistan. These are important questions to be asking as it seems a election may be right around the corner. For me the show encouraged me and gave me hope that Canada could have some great leaders in the very near future not sure I trust those in power right now.

Then after looking for a great next PM the CBC tested the nation. It was a show were we could test our IQ's and see where we rank...Do you know the average CAnadian has an IQ of 90-110 and if you scored over 130 you are really smart! Well on the show there were 6 groups competing and it didnt surprise me that both the millionaries and suregeons did well scoring over 117...yep we have a bunch of smart people up here in the North Lands! I did the test online right before the show so do you want to know how I scored? Am I smart? average? or below average? WELLLLLLL...........drum roll please.......................................

I am AN AVERAGE CANADIAN....with a score of 105.

I did really well in the language and memory areas...My weak link was Math...ERRRR! But I have always known that I am more of a creative basically I got told what I aready knew. So for you cannucks did you do the test? Or if you arent have you taken one and how well did you do?


Blahblahblog said...

Well this is embarrassing. I took that IQ test and scored 88. I don't think taking it at 2AM had much to do with the outcome but if I can use that for an excuse I will. Hee Hee! Blahblahblog is me....Pam from MSN

Anonymous said...

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