Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today Is

Have you ever been intersted in someone? I know I have....over the years there have been many a man that have caught my eye.

In my life I have 3 EX's---there was Glenn ( my California love), Maurice --my ex finace and Maritime love, and then Roo's dad. Today is my 10th Wedding Anniversay...10 years ago I made covenants and commitments that I thought would last a life time. They last 10 days shy of one year....Roo's dad seemed to change in front of me as soon as the vows were said ........and we had between dating and being engaged had spent a year together before marrying...I truely did love him for a very LONG time.

Now when I think of the lessons I have learnt.... One trust any "red" flags, if there is one then you will see it, and you need to ackowledge it....The other is to guard my heart. Since Roo's dad I have gone on many a date, even got seriously intersted in one guy, infact we went on several dates but I have realized he is simply a good friend....that was a hard realization for me as I so wanted him to be the "one" but alas that wasnt in the cards...I have realized that I give Hollie and my heart too easily. That is something I need to guard against. I also realized that by hanging out with this guy as much as I did and Roo knew about it that I set her up for a hurt and that aint a good thing. I have learned that I need to guard both our hearts...not just mine.

What good came out of this short union? ROO! I have been so blessed by being a mom. I have grown and learned so very much in my time with her. I have learned what really matters in life and that is to LOVE while you can. Encourage when you can and enjoy the matter how short or how long.

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