Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wealth Expo Day One

My day yesterday started so very early---4 am to be exact......wanted to get to the convention center early and I was there early YEAH as that helped me secure great seating etc...I learnt alot about investing in the first seminar that I went too and a website called Investortools...Supposed to be a great way to check the stocks etc you may have. Then I listen to George Foreman...His main message was FIGHT! When the chips are down that is when you really have to give it your all. After George tried to get into a couple of diff semianars but they were full. So I ended up having lunch with my friend Dave who was also at the event. Then after lunch we got seperated and I ended up meeting up with Bagnos and Joanne and hanging with them till it was time to go back to the Main Room to see Tony Robbins--it was 3 hours of turbo charge --so reminded me of things I learnt from him 12 years ago when I did one of his weekends back then. It was fun to have my friend Bagnos beside me and watch his reaction to Tony. I left after Tony as it was time to come home and get Roo.

She had been babysat since yesterday by a single mom friend. She had a great time and loved having slept over which is a first for her in many years! They are quickly becoming good buds and Roo so needs that...So it was a very GOOD day for the both of us.

Today I am on my way to listen to David Bach, Raymond Aaron and Donald Trump...I should be getting stayed home this am as my ankle was really aching cant wait for it to be better!

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