Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rosie and The View

For those of you who dont know I am a fan of Rosie...if you are asking who? Well then I want to know where you've been for the last 7 months...

Rosie has made The View the show to watch. Her views, and wit have been the one to watch. She has often been critized for what she said online. But so often she has said what we think as average human beings. She was never afraid to open her mouth and that is a good thing. I think having her there allowed for more real and deep conversations across North America. She brought topics such as Autism and Depression to the forefront. There were conversations about how the president is really doing, the War in Iraq and the lack of reporting in that arena, the first ammendment, and even gun control were just some of the topics up for debate.

She also had the knack of getting under certain celebs skin....who can forget her rant about Donald Trump? It was priceless and his way of getting back at her well lets just say did his brand no service. When it came to her orginal rant about being a moral compass--I happened to agree with what she said with humor and wit--and that was Donald wasnt one, which is true, as a guide for youth today I would never want him in that role. There were also other fobiles that she got truely attacked beyond belief for and I think she handled them all well.The press especially one news outlet seems to attack her views lots.

I will be sad not to see he face every day there. I am thankful she will be guest hosting and doing special one hour specials and maybe now we can see her in other venues where she will not be attacked...For example I loved her on Nip and Tuck and really want to she more of her character there! Perhaps she would consider a podcast or the like where her view can be aired maybe with a little less critism.

I have been a Rosie fan since her days on Star Search, loved her old show, her movies, etc...I know funny for a christian mom to be she a fan, but I am...I find her candor refreshing, I love that she asks hard questions and expects to find answers..she has been a real advocate for children, those disadvantaged and the list goes on. I wish her the best no matter what she does next! But to be deadly honest my mornings will not be the rushing to get errands done before 11 am, no planning my days Monday to Thurs so I could watch...I will watch when she is on and if they are having a guest or segment I want to see but The View will not be the same. I will miss you Rosie!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a Weekend!

Well this weekend was so much better then the week that preceeded it. First mom is doing much better. Second the weather here in Toronto was delightful so say the least..

On Friday Roo and I did yard work which was great to get done...our yard is all nice and cleaned up for spring..Grass seed has been put down and all the broken branches and yuck of winter is sure makes one feel better when they have a yard they can enjoy. We also went and did errands and shopped as well Friday, and even took Roo back into the neighborhood where we first lived when coming back to Canada. It was a good day of mom and Roo time.

Yesterday we went to the movies. I had FREE passes for ICOKE. Arent free passes the best? We went to see " Meet the Robinsons"...after sitting in the theatre for about 10 minutes a mgr came in and said they were having projection difficulties and well gave us passes to a later movie showing as well as 4 free passes and 2 free popcorn coupons so it looks like we get to go to the movies for FREE 3 times instead of just the one. We have already decided what movie we will be seeing next and that will be Shrek the Third when it comes out in May. Roo said" It's a thumbs up movie mom" meaning she liked it.

Today I forgot to set the alarm and we ended up sleeping in so didnt get to church again . It was another beautiful day so Roo and I spent some time outdoors...we went to a local park and had our first pinic of the year and then had a great water gun battle when we got home. There is nothing like the simple things to put a smile on my face. After the week I had it was so good and nice to have a good weekend.

Well almost time to get ready for our fav Sunday night show" The Amazing Race"...we are rooting for the beauty queens! Go girls go! Well I hope you all have a good week.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Week of Yuckiness

Have you ever had a bad day? I had a bad week and am so glad today is the last day of the week...trying to think why does everything hit the fan in the same week?

The week started with me finding out about the Virginia Tech incident and the fact that an old schoolmate of mine from the NSTC was among the victims....Truro is REALLY small. Then I broke a tooth, then my mom had a minor stroke( she is okay now) and then I broke another this week has found me grieving, worrying, and in pain..not a good week so I am glad it is over.

I cant get to a dentist to get rid of this pain for another few days and it is begining to ache beyond belief so I am really trying hard not to focus on it...but am trying to figure out how to pay for the dental work which will come to about $1,500.00...ugh! So like I said a bad week!

I need to get my focus off this bad week and look to what good is I have FREE passes to the movies so I am taking Roo later today. I even have a FREE popcorn coupon so it really is a FREE afternoon well the weather here in Toronto has finally taken a turn toward SPRING...we spent the day outdoors yesterday doing yard work and it was wonderful to be out in the yard sprucing things up. So even amongst the yuckies there have been moments of good..and good is GOOD!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pioneer Days

Today was a field trip day for Roo! She awoke this morning with a burst. "It is Century School House Day" were the first words out of her mouth...She was so excited about this outing. She had her long dress, her black tights, her lace up boots, her basket for her lunch and the mason jar for her drink. It was for her a mad rush to get ready as she was so absolutely exicted. Then she had to wait...cause she got ready faster then I have ever seen her get ready! It was fun to watch her excitement. But why is it they can get ready when they are excited in seconds but when it is just a regular day getting ready takes forever??

When we got to the school it was so cool to see her classmates all dressed as turn of the century children. It was neat to see all of them all dressed up. We were able to get some pics so I am hoping to have them posted soon.

When she got home she was telling me about her day and how she got discplined. She was forced to stand at the blackboard with her nose in a circle that the teacher had drawn. She said "Boy mom that was hard, Im glad they dont do that today"...I think she learnt how good she has it.
She liked her outing though and all and from her teacher she did well so that is good.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Too Close to Home

Jocelyne Couture-Nowak was one of the teachers killed in the Virginia Tech tradegdy. She was a Canadian mom with 2 daughters---but what brought this closer to home was we were both students at the Nova Scotia Teacher's College at the same time way back when there was a college in Truro for teacher training.

She went on from the college to teach at the Agricultral College in Truro where her husband was the Head of the Department where my ex finace( Maurice) worked. Jerzy her husband headed up the Plant Science Department. They worked in the same Department for many years-Maurice is still there. She was also instrumental in the starting of a franchophone school in Truro. The family lived not far from mine. I lived in Truro( a town of 10,000) before leaving for the states in 97 to marry my now ex.....there is now a Canadian town grieving the loss of one of thier own.

Yes they had moved to Virginia some 7 years ago but they left behind them much of themselves in Nova Scotia. I know many who are grieving for her in that small town that it seems I left just yesterday......

It just makes the issue of safety seem more real. There family and all the families are in my prayers....words cant express what I am feeling today.....I wish I was at NSAC in the plant science building giving out hugs right now but I am far away so all I can do is pray. This sure has hit closer to home then I thought yesterday when I blogged my thoughts.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech and School Safety

What a horrid day?! That seems to be an understatement. The United States Pres in addressing what happened at Virginia Tech today stated that school as supposed to be a sanctuary of learning and one of saftey. Well schools are becoming a whole less safe. I worry all the time about the safety of my child.

Today I cried for the 32 families who are going to have to bury childern, brothers, sisters, friends. I felt for them. I remember well the first time I ever heard of school shootings. I was a high school student in Winnipeg and there was a gun brought to school by a student at one of the other high schools in the city, a fellow student got shot. They did not die...

But in the years since I was a student there have been too many student deaths while at school: Dawson College( just seven months ago), Concordia, Taber, PolyTechnique, and those are just Canadian incidents. Then in the US most recently the Amish school house and who can forget Columbine. What can we as parents do? What can we train our kids to do? I think that is the most important question at this time.

Then today I opened my daughters Roo's backpack and there was a letter sent home telling us that a man who had sexually assaulted a woman had entered the school after hours last week. Yes none of kids where in immediate danger. The school was open as it is used by the community. The caretaker saw him and asked him to leave and the police were notified but still in makes your heart and head question more about what we can do to make our kids safe. For me as a mom I cherish my daughter and the time that she is with me and I want her to have a long happy life so I can t imagine the ache when you get that call saying the worse...I feel so much for the moms and dads tonight who are grieving kids they said Have a good day to just this morning, only to have that child gunned down in what is to be a sancutary, a safe haven. My prayers and thoughts are with them tonight. Then my thoughts to the lil girl who is sitting her nearby watching her favorite dvd, how do I keep her safe in what can be a scary world? That is the million dollar question on this mom's heart today.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Turning of Age

This week my girl friend turned the big 40 and yesterday my Uncle turned the big 50...what is it with these turning of the decades makes us rexamine our lives? What makes us feel a bit more fragile with the passing of age? Is it that as we grow older we attend more funerals -- this year I have gone to too many already. I have gone to funerals for those who lives were cut short while they were way to young to go in my way of thinking and have gone for those who lived long lives to the very full.

As I have watched my friend approach this age(40) I couldnt help but think back 2 years to my own crossing of the threshold...for me I remember the feelings of disappointment and I had some fear mixed in there too. You see I was and am a divorced woman raising a child in poverty in Canada....that instilled as still instills as much fear as hope. I felt bad for mistakes made at certain crossroads as I looked back, but at the same time I felt empowered by the lessons I learned along the way. I felt grateful that even though my marriage failed it was an experience that I had and could learn from. I felt that I was at a crossroads at needed to chart a course( actually make a plan for my future) ...well we know what happens when we try to steer the ship right? God comes in and does the course correction and from that we learn as I continue to age I find I learn the lessons and no longer fear the uncharted waters of life.

For me the turning of the years have simply become that the passing of time on this journey that we call life. For me to look back to much and repy past events does nothing to honor where God has brought me to today. For me I can look back and cherish what he brought me through and be reminded that he has much still planned for me. I am not sure where the path will go but I will follow and prayerfully age with grace and wisdom...for I find those characteristics only come with the passage of time!

As we turn an age may we not fear but celebrate all we have been given while on the journey and look forward to all that is to come.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Safe Schools Sacked!

Yesterday it was annouced the policy of SAFE school is being sacked here and for that can I say I am thankful as a parent........

Dont I want my daughter safe at school? Well yes of course...But the zero tolerence policy goes into play EVEN if a child is in grade 1. My daughter Roo got her first suspension when she was two months into her FIRST year of school, because of zero tolerence. Many of the suspensions are for 1 day only which are non debatable and there is nothing a parent could do about it either. Rachel got 4 suspensions in grade 1. The zero tolerence policy left principals without wiggle room and kids without skills to redeem themselves so it was a LOSE LOSE situation.

Let me give you an example of a ssuspension Roo got. Last year she was working very hard on a project, she was creating a new toy for a science project. It had to have moving parts. She got upset after the project broke in front of her and was in tears, she was frustrated of course. The teacher went over to comfort her and well Roo pushed the teachers HAND away...she got suspended for pushing a teacher. It was a bit much for a child who had been diagnosed but the principal used the zero tolerence to take Roo out of school for the day. I have seen suspensions often given to kids who need services instead of suspension.

This year Roo was not offically suspended at all but her principal and me worked together for the first 4 months of the school year and some days when she was having a hard day at school with behavior I would come and pull her for an hr or two and then she would go back. By doing this she got what she needed at the time yet was back in the classroom as soon as it was feasible. Since she has had an EA she has not needed to come home once, again a child was needing help not time at home.

I was glad to hear they scrapped the SAFE schools because as the kids become teens the suspensions lead to expelling etc and leads kids with no where to turn but a pretty yucky world with no skills and without healthy support that can help them learn to control behaviors.

For Roo working with the EA's and teachers this year she has really began to bloom. She is making friends and when problems come up she is using skills to try and solve them instead of lash out at first. Yes she still makes mistakes along the way but she sure has come a long way and this mom is so very proud of her. I do credit so much of where she it at with the school she is going to RH Mcgregor! The staff there are the best! They have done so much to help her get the skills that she needs and with that she has had many successes lately and for that I am so grateful!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Vimy and Beyond

Today the 90th anniversary of the assualt on Vimy Ridge was remembered here in Canada and in France as the Memorial there which has been restored was rededicated.........but it was a very bitter day for Canadians.

Yesterday in Afganistan 6 of ours were is the last hit Canada's military has taken in peace time.....when offically our country is NOT at war. I have so many mixed emotions when I think of the soldiers there...when the mission first began we were told our guys were going to just rebuild( be peace keepers which Cannucks are WELL known for) well there mission has changed over the years and well we dont know how long we will be there for. I can t help but think of the 51 families that have lost memebers for freedoms sake...I think of Ainsworth who I attended church with and the sacrifice he made with his life.

Then my mind and heart comes back here to Toronto to Dwight Wilson who is one of 2 remaining ww1 vets. Tonight there was a special service to thank him once again for his service to county...He is 107. He served in both World Wars and deserves the thanks and so much more as do all who served.....then my mind goes to Vimy and the services there today. Canada became a country on the world stage with what we did at Vimy...we took it, but we left many there that day. They were remembered...the memorial is restored to its glory so all can go and simply remember and be reminded those men went so we could have peace.

I think as we look to the future of our country we need to look back and to the men and women who gave and give so much so we can simply be free to live how we choose. We need to see peace where we can and look for ways to share it, instead of having the mindset that we need to have enemies, that is getting us no where fast..peace needs to be on our lips and taught to our kids...or more will be lost in the years to come in whatever battle we find ourselves in.

A side note about the Memorail in Vimy of its bigest fans was Adolph Hilter. Why? Because it was about peace...not soldiers, no battles, the memorial is about peace. He sent his elite SS to guard it during WW2 so it would not be damaged and it wasnt. If even Hilter thought peace should be revered and guarded what should our thoughts be on that topic? Do we guard it? Want it? Or is it simply an illusion for another time and place and our world will never have it.

So yes with thoughts of the families( most Maritimers) who are grieving the loss of thier sons tonight on my mind, I say we need to search and find the roads that can lead to let us look for peace and may it begin with you and I.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Hope you all are having a blessed Easter Sunday! I as a christian mom am so thankful for this day! When God created each thing that we have that we mostly take for granted today...the sky, the air, the sea, animals, trees and the like he stated " this is good" and when he sent his son at his baptism he decended like a dove with an approving eye....and then at his death Christ stated it is finished....the job was done once for ALL! ......then the reason we can celebrate that glorious Easter morn with the empty tomb....what a day of Celebration that has turned into for all of us who say we beleive. It makes me want to dance and celebrate for it is Finished and because of that greaat act I have and will have so much more!....It is well with my soul!

Today is more about the easter egg dance that we love watching our kids do...I know I couldnt help but smile as Roo collected egg after egg this morning. Then I had to take a step back and think there is more to this day then eggs and bunnies we really do have a reason to be happy and celebrate! So after the choclate is gone just think we have something so much more and better for those of us who say we trust in him--eternal life--so lets celebrate~!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Visit to Cityline

This morning I ventured out in the rain and headed downtown to the City TV Studios. I got there in time to see them sitting up for Cityline. So I went across the street for a cup of tea at back in time to get sat in the front row of the audience.

At almost 10 am we got the drill lots of applause etc and Cityline began. The show today was a money special. Where they talked about being in control and really know what is happening with your money. I think the beggest thing said was LIVE below what you already have! That is how wealth is gained. There were lots of money saving tips given too, which was really helpful.

There were even prizes. I came home with a copy of Wish magazine, 2 battery operated candles and a Barenaked Ladies I did well! Got to love wins!! I gave one candle to my neighbour who spent the last month taking Roo to school while I was recovering, and I am so thankful for her support. I am listening to my new CD as I type and loving it!

It really was a fun WIN( the tickects and all the stuff), I am so starting to love the contests I am entering.....and wins do happen! YEAH!
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