Sunday, April 8, 2007


Hope you all are having a blessed Easter Sunday! I as a christian mom am so thankful for this day! When God created each thing that we have that we mostly take for granted today...the sky, the air, the sea, animals, trees and the like he stated " this is good" and when he sent his son at his baptism he decended like a dove with an approving eye....and then at his death Christ stated it is finished....the job was done once for ALL! ......then the reason we can celebrate that glorious Easter morn with the empty tomb....what a day of Celebration that has turned into for all of us who say we beleive. It makes me want to dance and celebrate for it is Finished and because of that greaat act I have and will have so much more!....It is well with my soul!

Today is more about the easter egg dance that we love watching our kids do...I know I couldnt help but smile as Roo collected egg after egg this morning. Then I had to take a step back and think there is more to this day then eggs and bunnies we really do have a reason to be happy and celebrate! So after the choclate is gone just think we have something so much more and better for those of us who say we trust in him--eternal life--so lets celebrate~!

2 comments: said...

Woohoo! Sounds like a glorious day that you and Roo had yesterday. Relish in that chocolate and keep sharing the Easter joy all year long. =:)

HOLY said...

We had a glorious Easter weekend in Canada - went to Canuck Tire and of course the smell of rubber assaults you when you walk in the door but that's how you know you're in Cdn Tire...and we picked up our Cdn fave comfort foods - some saskatoon berry pie filling, some Crispers (Nabisco)crackers and a coffee crisp bar.

And we got our visas renewed so I guess we're allowed to stay another year.

The kids enjoyed their egg hunt for plastic eggs hidden throughout the backyard (after it stopped raining)
and good fun was had by all.

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