Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My Visit to Cityline

This morning I ventured out in the rain and headed downtown to the City TV Studios. I got there in time to see them sitting up for Cityline. So I went across the street for a cup of tea at back in time to get sat in the front row of the audience.

At almost 10 am we got the drill lots of applause etc and Cityline began. The show today was a money special. Where they talked about being in control and really know what is happening with your money. I think the beggest thing said was LIVE below what you already have! That is how wealth is gained. There were lots of money saving tips given too, which was really helpful.

There were even prizes. I came home with a copy of Wish magazine, 2 battery operated candles and a Barenaked Ladies I did well! Got to love wins!! I gave one candle to my neighbour who spent the last month taking Roo to school while I was recovering, and I am so thankful for her support. I am listening to my new CD as I type and loving it!

It really was a fun WIN( the tickects and all the stuff), I am so starting to love the contests I am entering.....and wins do happen! YEAH!

1 comment:

HOLY said...

I love Cityline....miss it.

Just one of a million things I miss though.

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