Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pioneer Days

Today was a field trip day for Roo! She awoke this morning with a burst. "It is Century School House Day" were the first words out of her mouth...She was so excited about this outing. She had her long dress, her black tights, her lace up boots, her basket for her lunch and the mason jar for her drink. It was for her a mad rush to get ready as she was so absolutely exicted. Then she had to wait...cause she got ready faster then I have ever seen her get ready! It was fun to watch her excitement. But why is it they can get ready when they are excited in seconds but when it is just a regular day getting ready takes forever??

When we got to the school it was so cool to see her classmates all dressed as turn of the century children. It was neat to see all of them all dressed up. We were able to get some pics so I am hoping to have them posted soon.

When she got home she was telling me about her day and how she got discplined. She was forced to stand at the blackboard with her nose in a circle that the teacher had drawn. She said "Boy mom that was hard, Im glad they dont do that today"...I think she learnt how good she has it.
She liked her outing though and all and from her teacher she did well so that is good.

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