Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rosie and The View

For those of you who dont know I am a fan of Rosie...if you are asking who? Well then I want to know where you've been for the last 7 months...

Rosie has made The View the show to watch. Her views, and wit have been the one to watch. She has often been critized for what she said online. But so often she has said what we think as average human beings. She was never afraid to open her mouth and that is a good thing. I think having her there allowed for more real and deep conversations across North America. She brought topics such as Autism and Depression to the forefront. There were conversations about how the president is really doing, the War in Iraq and the lack of reporting in that arena, the first ammendment, and even gun control were just some of the topics up for debate.

She also had the knack of getting under certain celebs skin....who can forget her rant about Donald Trump? It was priceless and his way of getting back at her well lets just say did his brand no service. When it came to her orginal rant about being a moral compass--I happened to agree with what she said with humor and wit--and that was Donald wasnt one, which is true, as a guide for youth today I would never want him in that role. There were also other fobiles that she got truely attacked beyond belief for and I think she handled them all well.The press especially one news outlet seems to attack her views lots.

I will be sad not to see he face every day there. I am thankful she will be guest hosting and doing special one hour specials and maybe now we can see her in other venues where she will not be attacked...For example I loved her on Nip and Tuck and really want to she more of her character there! Perhaps she would consider a podcast or the like where her view can be aired maybe with a little less critism.

I have been a Rosie fan since her days on Star Search, loved her old show, her movies, etc...I know funny for a christian mom to be she a fan, but I am...I find her candor refreshing, I love that she asks hard questions and expects to find answers..she has been a real advocate for children, those disadvantaged and the list goes on. I wish her the best no matter what she does next! But to be deadly honest my mornings will not be the rushing to get errands done before 11 am, no planning my days Monday to Thurs so I could watch...I will watch when she is on and if they are having a guest or segment I want to see but The View will not be the same. I will miss you Rosie!!


Brenda said...

After watching Rosie's show a few years back and seeing some clips of her on the View, I have to admit I'm a big fan too. (But what was the Tom Cruise thing all about, huh?) Anyway, I doubt she'll ever go away completely, but I can understand that you'll miss her on the View. And she definitely is no loser, I don't care what 'The Donald' says.

HOLY said...

I know - I like her too but there are limits in towing the line on national tv.

Trump is the one who kills me....interjecting and purporting to speak for Barbara Walters...yeah whatever.

SAAM said...

I like Rosie as well.
Hope you are doing good

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