Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Too Close to Home

Jocelyne Couture-Nowak was one of the teachers killed in the Virginia Tech tradegdy. She was a Canadian mom with 2 daughters---but what brought this closer to home was we were both students at the Nova Scotia Teacher's College at the same time way back when there was a college in Truro for teacher training.

She went on from the college to teach at the Agricultral College in Truro where her husband was the Head of the Department where my ex finace( Maurice) worked. Jerzy her husband headed up the Plant Science Department. They worked in the same Department for many years-Maurice is still there. She was also instrumental in the starting of a franchophone school in Truro. The family lived not far from mine. I lived in Truro( a town of 10,000) before leaving for the states in 97 to marry my now ex.....there is now a Canadian town grieving the loss of one of thier own.

Yes they had moved to Virginia some 7 years ago but they left behind them much of themselves in Nova Scotia. I know many who are grieving for her in that small town that it seems I left just yesterday......

It just makes the issue of safety seem more real. There family and all the families are in my prayers....words cant express what I am feeling today.....I wish I was at NSAC in the plant science building giving out hugs right now but I am far away so all I can do is pray. This sure has hit closer to home then I thought yesterday when I blogged my thoughts.

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HOLY said...

I didn't know you once lived in Truro - Truro is so beautiful.

That's so tragic to hear you knew the one woman.

How you can get some dental relief soon.

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