Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Turning of Age

This week my girl friend turned the big 40 and yesterday my Uncle turned the big 50...what is it with these turning of the decades makes us rexamine our lives? What makes us feel a bit more fragile with the passing of age? Is it that as we grow older we attend more funerals -- this year I have gone to too many already. I have gone to funerals for those who lives were cut short while they were way to young to go in my way of thinking and have gone for those who lived long lives to the very full.

As I have watched my friend approach this age(40) I couldnt help but think back 2 years to my own crossing of the threshold...for me I remember the feelings of disappointment and I had some fear mixed in there too. You see I was and am a divorced woman raising a child in poverty in Canada....that instilled as still instills as much fear as hope. I felt bad for mistakes made at certain crossroads as I looked back, but at the same time I felt empowered by the lessons I learned along the way. I felt grateful that even though my marriage failed it was an experience that I had and could learn from. I felt that I was at a crossroads at needed to chart a course( actually make a plan for my future) ...well we know what happens when we try to steer the ship right? God comes in and does the course correction and from that we learn as I continue to age I find I learn the lessons and no longer fear the uncharted waters of life.

For me the turning of the years have simply become that the passing of time on this journey that we call life. For me to look back to much and repy past events does nothing to honor where God has brought me to today. For me I can look back and cherish what he brought me through and be reminded that he has much still planned for me. I am not sure where the path will go but I will follow and prayerfully age with grace and wisdom...for I find those characteristics only come with the passage of time!

As we turn an age may we not fear but celebrate all we have been given while on the journey and look forward to all that is to come.

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