Monday, April 9, 2007

Vimy and Beyond

Today the 90th anniversary of the assualt on Vimy Ridge was remembered here in Canada and in France as the Memorial there which has been restored was rededicated.........but it was a very bitter day for Canadians.

Yesterday in Afganistan 6 of ours were is the last hit Canada's military has taken in peace time.....when offically our country is NOT at war. I have so many mixed emotions when I think of the soldiers there...when the mission first began we were told our guys were going to just rebuild( be peace keepers which Cannucks are WELL known for) well there mission has changed over the years and well we dont know how long we will be there for. I can t help but think of the 51 families that have lost memebers for freedoms sake...I think of Ainsworth who I attended church with and the sacrifice he made with his life.

Then my mind and heart comes back here to Toronto to Dwight Wilson who is one of 2 remaining ww1 vets. Tonight there was a special service to thank him once again for his service to county...He is 107. He served in both World Wars and deserves the thanks and so much more as do all who served.....then my mind goes to Vimy and the services there today. Canada became a country on the world stage with what we did at Vimy...we took it, but we left many there that day. They were remembered...the memorial is restored to its glory so all can go and simply remember and be reminded those men went so we could have peace.

I think as we look to the future of our country we need to look back and to the men and women who gave and give so much so we can simply be free to live how we choose. We need to see peace where we can and look for ways to share it, instead of having the mindset that we need to have enemies, that is getting us no where fast..peace needs to be on our lips and taught to our kids...or more will be lost in the years to come in whatever battle we find ourselves in.

A side note about the Memorail in Vimy of its bigest fans was Adolph Hilter. Why? Because it was about peace...not soldiers, no battles, the memorial is about peace. He sent his elite SS to guard it during WW2 so it would not be damaged and it wasnt. If even Hilter thought peace should be revered and guarded what should our thoughts be on that topic? Do we guard it? Want it? Or is it simply an illusion for another time and place and our world will never have it.

So yes with thoughts of the families( most Maritimers) who are grieving the loss of thier sons tonight on my mind, I say we need to search and find the roads that can lead to let us look for peace and may it begin with you and I.

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HOLY said...

We were listening to Canadian radio on our way home from Vancouver and talk of Vimy came up.

Holy Son was intrigued and didn't know the story so we told him how it has come to be one of Canada's proudest moments in war history.

I saw the Hitler reference on Wikipedia - how odd and strangely creepy that he "tainted" the site with his presence and Nazi protection - I can't imagine his reverence for the site was tied to peace so much as a sacred site of battle, heroics and power, and where he maybe came of age during his own WWI German infantry days.

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