Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech and School Safety

What a horrid day?! That seems to be an understatement. The United States Pres in addressing what happened at Virginia Tech today stated that school as supposed to be a sanctuary of learning and one of saftey. Well schools are becoming a whole less safe. I worry all the time about the safety of my child.

Today I cried for the 32 families who are going to have to bury childern, brothers, sisters, friends. I felt for them. I remember well the first time I ever heard of school shootings. I was a high school student in Winnipeg and there was a gun brought to school by a student at one of the other high schools in the city, a fellow student got shot. They did not die...

But in the years since I was a student there have been too many student deaths while at school: Dawson College( just seven months ago), Concordia, Taber, PolyTechnique, and those are just Canadian incidents. Then in the US most recently the Amish school house and who can forget Columbine. What can we as parents do? What can we train our kids to do? I think that is the most important question at this time.

Then today I opened my daughters Roo's backpack and there was a letter sent home telling us that a man who had sexually assaulted a woman had entered the school after hours last week. Yes none of kids where in immediate danger. The school was open as it is used by the community. The caretaker saw him and asked him to leave and the police were notified but still in makes your heart and head question more about what we can do to make our kids safe. For me as a mom I cherish my daughter and the time that she is with me and I want her to have a long happy life so I can t imagine the ache when you get that call saying the worse...I feel so much for the moms and dads tonight who are grieving kids they said Have a good day to just this morning, only to have that child gunned down in what is to be a sancutary, a safe haven. My prayers and thoughts are with them tonight. Then my thoughts to the lil girl who is sitting her nearby watching her favorite dvd, how do I keep her safe in what can be a scary world? That is the million dollar question on this mom's heart today.


The Beach said...

Hi Hollie, It is a very very sad day indeed. Words cannot describe how it makes me feel....the families, students, etc. As someone who teaches at a university, it is just really sad. Hope your week is going well.

Lanaya said...

Good words.

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