Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Week of Yuckiness

Have you ever had a bad day? I had a bad week and am so glad today is the last day of the week...trying to think why does everything hit the fan in the same week?

The week started with me finding out about the Virginia Tech incident and the fact that an old schoolmate of mine from the NSTC was among the victims....Truro is REALLY small. Then I broke a tooth, then my mom had a minor stroke( she is okay now) and then I broke another this week has found me grieving, worrying, and in pain..not a good week so I am glad it is over.

I cant get to a dentist to get rid of this pain for another few days and it is begining to ache beyond belief so I am really trying hard not to focus on it...but am trying to figure out how to pay for the dental work which will come to about $1,500.00...ugh! So like I said a bad week!

I need to get my focus off this bad week and look to what good is I have FREE passes to the movies so I am taking Roo later today. I even have a FREE popcorn coupon so it really is a FREE afternoon well the weather here in Toronto has finally taken a turn toward SPRING...we spent the day outdoors yesterday doing yard work and it was wonderful to be out in the yard sprucing things up. So even amongst the yuckies there have been moments of good..and good is GOOD!

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