Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a Weekend!

Well this weekend was so much better then the week that preceeded it. First mom is doing much better. Second the weather here in Toronto was delightful so say the least..

On Friday Roo and I did yard work which was great to get done...our yard is all nice and cleaned up for spring..Grass seed has been put down and all the broken branches and yuck of winter is sure makes one feel better when they have a yard they can enjoy. We also went and did errands and shopped as well Friday, and even took Roo back into the neighborhood where we first lived when coming back to Canada. It was a good day of mom and Roo time.

Yesterday we went to the movies. I had FREE passes for ICOKE. Arent free passes the best? We went to see " Meet the Robinsons"...after sitting in the theatre for about 10 minutes a mgr came in and said they were having projection difficulties and well gave us passes to a later movie showing as well as 4 free passes and 2 free popcorn coupons so it looks like we get to go to the movies for FREE 3 times instead of just the one. We have already decided what movie we will be seeing next and that will be Shrek the Third when it comes out in May. Roo said" It's a thumbs up movie mom" meaning she liked it.

Today I forgot to set the alarm and we ended up sleeping in so didnt get to church again . It was another beautiful day so Roo and I spent some time outdoors...we went to a local park and had our first pinic of the year and then had a great water gun battle when we got home. There is nothing like the simple things to put a smile on my face. After the week I had it was so good and nice to have a good weekend.

Well almost time to get ready for our fav Sunday night show" The Amazing Race"...we are rooting for the beauty queens! Go girls go! Well I hope you all have a good week.


Brenda said...

Sounds like a big 'payback' day for all the yuck of last week! You go girls. (To the movies, that is!) I hope things just keep getting better for you.

Stepmonster said...

Ohhh... sounds like a nice nice weekend... I just stayed home and painted cabinets allll weekend.

HOLY said...

awesome...and so many good kids movies coming out soon - most notably Shrek...can't wait!

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