Saturday, May 26, 2007

Do You Know Me?

Do you think you know me?

If so take this lil test and lets see......tag you are all it, and invited to try and if you dont know me it lets you know about me.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Parents Nightmare

The absolute worse happened here in Toronto yesterday afternoon. A 15 yr old student, Jordan Manners was gunned down at school! What makes this shooting closer to home is that it is the school my youngest cousin attends as a senior. She was one of those in lockdown in her classroom for 4 hours yesterday as the tactical squad secured the premises. Talking to my aunt last night after I heard first and foremost i wanted to know how they all were.

They talked about the fear at first of not knowing--Was mine the one shot? It took awhile before parents knew what was what--can you imagine that kind of worry while standing across the street from your child's school. They did say that within minutes an officer was placed in each classroom with students to keep them safe. My cousin said it was kind of funny that they had just done drills on this very thing so most students were able to remain calm. But can you imagine the fear?

Our classrooms are no longer the safe havens that they once were and how are we as parents preparing our kids for the scary stuff that they can witness or even worse be a part of? For me i pray every morning for my daughters safety through out the day as well my last words to her every day are the same Love You, have a good day! I want to believe the world is basically good out there but more and more people who get hurt, insulted, pranked turn thier anger into violence and dont care who they take it out on. What a shame! We need to teach more kindness and compassion while we can.

Today I feel for the family of Jordan, and for every student and parent of my cousins school. Today I simply want to hug Roo more! Show more love and keep the scaries out, but more and more that is becoming more as we say bye to our kids each day let us be mindful of how they leave us. Lets leave em with love..

A side note is that as one of the chairs of the school council we have a meeting today at Roo's school to talk about things like safety...cant wait...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

12 days no blogging

It has been a super busy two weeks here, a wee bit of insanity too!

so much to blog about and I dont know where to begin....

First up-The MORMONS...did any of you catch the PBS Frontline special? I did. It was very accurate and for that I am thankful. There for all the stuff I no longer believe there is alot of good to be found there.

What is the bad that I no longer believe, the whole priesthood line of authority and that they can and do recieve revelation for the members...I believe my relationship is with god my father. I no longer beleive that the temple rites are that big a deal..when we stand before god we will stand alone not in a family unit: will we spend time with our families after death in heaven yes, but will it be in the same form and fashion as here on earth, I dont know. what else I dont like? Male members can and are regulary sealed to more then one wife in the temple even in this time period...I was the second wife my ex was sealed too, and now he was sealed to his fourth as well so under Mormon theory if we were all celestial materail after death well HE would have 3 wives in heaven.

what good do they offer? great programs for all family members that help them to be better, to do more and to have more successful lives. they also have the basic gospel of christ facts down correctly: it is the add ons that get me...they are also a volunteer church which means no one has a paid position. they also have a great welfare program for those who could fall on hard times and there emergency prepardness program is next to none church wise. While I was LDS I grew and learned lots and i am thankfuul for my time within the church but is it for me right now? I dont think I could ever be a mormon of sorts, taking the good and leaving the yuck to be debated by the intellectuals.

second watched a few great new releases--Dream Girls, Because I said So, and Freedom Writers have all been watched in the last 10 days and I have enjoyed everyone of them. Isnt curling up with great movies and pizza on a friday night a great tradition.

Roo has had a busy couple of weeks as well. Last thurs eve was the spring concert at her school and guess who was choosen to be one of the MC's. ROO! She is a great job and the choir did great on the 5 songs that she did. Now that it is over she is busy preparing for the folk fest this wednesday eve.

so now that I have caught you all up on what i am thinking watching etc time to go and visit some blog buds!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Okay many of you might know I am a charitable person and I like to give when and where I can and will promote FREE to you and me ways to give as well.....

Well Miscrosoft through there Messenger software has come up with a creative way to give...
Go here to check it out. Now the down side of this right now it is ONLY avialabe for Americans to do but if you use messenger to chat let me encourage you to sign up and every conversation you have can put cash in the pockets of some of the better known charities fighting AIDS, brest cancer, supporting our boys and girls and the like, so here is the link to check out the causes.. So go chat and give~!

A great way to stay in touch and give at the same time!
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