Saturday, May 12, 2007

12 days no blogging

It has been a super busy two weeks here, a wee bit of insanity too!

so much to blog about and I dont know where to begin....

First up-The MORMONS...did any of you catch the PBS Frontline special? I did. It was very accurate and for that I am thankful. There for all the stuff I no longer believe there is alot of good to be found there.

What is the bad that I no longer believe, the whole priesthood line of authority and that they can and do recieve revelation for the members...I believe my relationship is with god my father. I no longer beleive that the temple rites are that big a deal..when we stand before god we will stand alone not in a family unit: will we spend time with our families after death in heaven yes, but will it be in the same form and fashion as here on earth, I dont know. what else I dont like? Male members can and are regulary sealed to more then one wife in the temple even in this time period...I was the second wife my ex was sealed too, and now he was sealed to his fourth as well so under Mormon theory if we were all celestial materail after death well HE would have 3 wives in heaven.

what good do they offer? great programs for all family members that help them to be better, to do more and to have more successful lives. they also have the basic gospel of christ facts down correctly: it is the add ons that get me...they are also a volunteer church which means no one has a paid position. they also have a great welfare program for those who could fall on hard times and there emergency prepardness program is next to none church wise. While I was LDS I grew and learned lots and i am thankfuul for my time within the church but is it for me right now? I dont think I could ever be a mormon of sorts, taking the good and leaving the yuck to be debated by the intellectuals.

second watched a few great new releases--Dream Girls, Because I said So, and Freedom Writers have all been watched in the last 10 days and I have enjoyed everyone of them. Isnt curling up with great movies and pizza on a friday night a great tradition.

Roo has had a busy couple of weeks as well. Last thurs eve was the spring concert at her school and guess who was choosen to be one of the MC's. ROO! She is a great job and the choir did great on the 5 songs that she did. Now that it is over she is busy preparing for the folk fest this wednesday eve.

so now that I have caught you all up on what i am thinking watching etc time to go and visit some blog buds!


SAAM said...

Thanks for visiting! Happy Mother's Day to you too.
I did watch part of the Mormon special. It was interesting in that I learned a lot of things. But to be honest, the thing that struck me most is that: IF members do everything that they are TOLD then they are treated properly. BUt if a person questions anything, then out you go. I am much too much of an individual and a feminist to believe that MEN should rule things!! That is my opinion anyway
Take care!!!

Brenda said...

There you are--I've missed you Hollie! And yes, you always make me think and you were one of the bloggers I also wanted to add to the list. So you kno what? I'm gonna break the '5 blog' rule and add you right now. (Not like I'm going to get in trouble by the Blogosphere Police or anything, right?)

I wish you a fantabuloso Mother's Day. Roo is so very blessed to have you as her Mom. :)

Jungle Mama said...

Your new site looks great! I am glad to see it and you even sound happier over here.

I missed the PBS special and am sad I did. I've always had an interest in the Mormon religion as I was raised with a few friends and later still have very good friends who are mormon. I do not beleive in the religion as there are just too many things which point to its falseness. I've read a lot about it and seen several videos, some even provided by the church. Tell more, or maybe I'll have to see if I can find a torrent file for it or something.

HOLY said...

I so wanted to watch the entire show - it was really interesting but I was tired that night and ended up falling asleep midway through - I should have taped it.

I studied religion but to be honest, know almost nothing about Mormonism....need to rectify that. Some of my closest friends growing up were Mormon and at the time, I envied their sense of close-knit community - not to mention that all the cutest boys in high school seemed to be Mormon.

Hope all is well. Cheers!

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