Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Parents Nightmare

The absolute worse happened here in Toronto yesterday afternoon. A 15 yr old student, Jordan Manners was gunned down at school! What makes this shooting closer to home is that it is the school my youngest cousin attends as a senior. She was one of those in lockdown in her classroom for 4 hours yesterday as the tactical squad secured the premises. Talking to my aunt last night after I heard first and foremost i wanted to know how they all were.

They talked about the fear at first of not knowing--Was mine the one shot? It took awhile before parents knew what was what--can you imagine that kind of worry while standing across the street from your child's school. They did say that within minutes an officer was placed in each classroom with students to keep them safe. My cousin said it was kind of funny that they had just done drills on this very thing so most students were able to remain calm. But can you imagine the fear?

Our classrooms are no longer the safe havens that they once were and how are we as parents preparing our kids for the scary stuff that they can witness or even worse be a part of? For me i pray every morning for my daughters safety through out the day as well my last words to her every day are the same Love You, have a good day! I want to believe the world is basically good out there but more and more people who get hurt, insulted, pranked turn thier anger into violence and dont care who they take it out on. What a shame! We need to teach more kindness and compassion while we can.

Today I feel for the family of Jordan, and for every student and parent of my cousins school. Today I simply want to hug Roo more! Show more love and keep the scaries out, but more and more that is becoming more as we say bye to our kids each day let us be mindful of how they leave us. Lets leave em with love..

A side note is that as one of the chairs of the school council we have a meeting today at Roo's school to talk about things like safety...cant wait...


brenda said...

The horror!! And yes, this is the absolute worst nightmare for any parent with school-age children. My prayers go out to all the families affected by this heinous event.

HOLY said...

that is beyond imagination...I really don't understand the world.

Anyways, how are you? long time no visit...I haven't visited anywhere to be honest...hope you're doing well.


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