Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So much happening it is hard to blog

Wow! Hard to believe that a month has gone by and no blogging! It has been a hard month but a good month too!

So let me catch you all up and share the lessons of the month...

Lesson 1 -- Set your priorites right! My month has been about what is important. Roo has been my priority and with the last month of school there was much that needed attention and I was so happy to be there for all of it! From the hopthon, class trip, class parties and all the things that come with it being almost summer holidays( which for us start in about an hr).

My family has been my other priority--just trying to be there for my sister who's teen daughter has run away from home twice this month..right now Kim isnt at home. Please include her in your prayers if you would ..she is 16 and well thinks she knows best.

Lesson 2--Have lots of fun and we have had that! The hopothon was very fun, dancing with 600 kids was a blast. Saw Shrek the 3rd, played Life lots, went garage saleing ( you know how much I love a bargin we got Roo some games and puzzles for like a dime each!) ,went to a baseball tournament, have been at the park in the eveing and we are watching Pirate Master and So You Thought You Could Dance together. We have also picked out our summer novels! Woo Hoo! We also went to Luminato( an arts festival that was held here in Toronto--it was too much fun!) Roo and I both got our faces painted, we took in a Salsa lesson were Roo ended up star of the show, and even the mayor of Toronto was compliemting my dear daughter-it really has been a FULL joyfilled month.

Lesson 3--Old friends are not far from our heart. This week I have been able to reconnect with my best friend from elementary school! I attended David Livingstone in Brandon MB and well Carolyn was my friend and neighbour. Last night we had a great conversation and it was simply the best to reconnect!

Well let summer vacation begin! I better go and get her and hopefully I will back back into my blog more...hope you all are simply enjoying your families!

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Jungle Mama said...

Well, I am very glad that you have been having fun and feeling good about your priorities. And don't worry about blogland as we all go through our silent periods. Have a great summer!!

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