Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Okay I have been in pain for 7 days now, at first I thought, oh it was the fact that well Auntie Gertie was upon me..but more and more the pain increased..Went to the doc on fri who basically said if it aint better by Monday come back, and he took an urine sample to check,...that doct trip cost$15 for taxis..Sat eve I was feeling even worse so I ended up in the emergency ward, where the doc took blood, urine etc...started treating for a UTI but the pain progressively has gotten worse. Sat eve trip to hospital taxis and prescription cost $45. Yesterday it got even worse well ended back up in emerg they are now thinking it is kidney stones or my gallbladder we wont know till tommorrow am so I am now on pain meds till then...the last trip was another $45. I have to be at the hospital for 8 am tommorrow. I just want the pain gone for good, I am not sleeping and I feel ugh like screaming! One thankful note my daughter Roo has been a great lil nurse! So getting sick can COST big time even within a FREE system..so are you prepared for those sick days, with this happening I realized I wasnt and am not.

I just so want the pain gone and to feel better I would give up my right arm for that!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cheaper then Cheap

As I jounrey into becoming much more aware of how cheap I want to be I have decided to take my readers on the journey with me and thus I have started another blog that will be a sister blog to this one. There I will write about how cheap I am and how frugal I can be...I will be looking for the freebies, the cheapest buys, the greatest and bestest deals in town, and learning how to really live well on a small budget.

Here I will still talk about raising Roo in the city and all that means to us. Here I will talk of current issues and what and how they might impact my household. Here I will talk of all things that impact us very intimatly......so now you all have to very different blogs to read by the one and only simply Hollie!

So go and read my other one please and join with me as I try and become the Queen of Cheap!

So go now and check it out http://cheaperthencheap.blogspot.com/ and let me know what you think.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

9 years later

Nine years ago at this very hour I was on the road, on a good ol Greyhound bus leaving Carlsbad NW for the Great North. I had Roo in a carrier and she was such a very good baby for the entire trip. I remember well the shelter that we had stayed at in New Mexico had set us up well for the journey and then we stayed at the Red Door shelter when we got here to Toronto. For those of you who dont know my entire journey( or those who may be newer readers). Roo was born homeless thanks to the EX I had. Roo was 6 months old on that journey north.

I remember our arrival in Toronto well and the lost luggage( some of my stuff arrived 2 days later). I remember going to my dad's and gram's our first stop, once we were settled to introduce Roo to her grandfather and great grandma, and the extended clan. I remember being glad I was back on Canandian soil.

So much has gone on in those 9 years, I think I have grown in who I am and truely have become the survivor, the advocate, the mom that was deep within me back then.

Some not so good things have happened that were seen as set backs but even those we recovered from, heck not even the great fire of 2004 where we lost it all except us, deterred us.

I truely am enjoying parenting Roo, not every day is a cake walk, but we are on a journey, a path, that has its hills and vallies. Right now most days I am content with what we have..do I want better for both of us yes, but all is in the master's hand. He knows what is around the corner where I dont and that is okay with me! Nine years later and I'm glad that I caught that bus.

Thankful Mom

Sometimes I look at Roo and am amazed. First at where the time has gone, but then I really look at her and have to say WOW....Reasons why I love being her mom:

  • she makes a great breakfast in bed, today she woke me up with my fav herbal tea and cereal already poured, what a great kid.
  • she gives the biggest and best HUGS!
  • she tells the silliest jokes and her favorites are Knock knocks
  • She likes to read as much as I do, and will lay in bed and read till she falls asleep, most nights she has fallen asleep with a book in her hand, how cute is that!
  • she likes to play board games just like her mom
  • she loves to cuddle with her mom
  • she is very creative, and smart
  • she is a great friend( 0ne of the things I am most thankful for this year is that she has formed friendships)
  • she is loyal
  • she is honest, even if it means getting in trouble, she will own up
  • she likes gardeing, like her mom
  • she is a water baby while her mom is a water rat

Okay you get the idea and I am sure every mom out there has there own list as why they love there kids so very much..The one good thing my EX left me with was her to raise: my unique, creative, loving child!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Realities of living on 12.21 a Day in Toronto

I live off 12.21 cents every day, that is after my rent and utilites are paid. Roo is in that one out of every four childern here in Canada that live in poverty. Here in Canada the poverty line is 20,900 for a family of two. My income last year even when you added in Child TAx Benefits and Child Support and GST checks clocked in just over $14,000. So you can see we live well below that line. There is an election on the way here in Ontario and one of the issues that has to be addressed is how many children in this province who are exactly like Roo live in poverty.

Here are the harsh realities for a child in poverty in Canad's biggest city:
  • FOOD- you simply dont eat well, yes I try and see that we follow Canada's food guide but that is an almost an impossiblity. When it gets to a few days before your next check your cupboards are bare, and yes I have gone without so she eats. You also end up carb loading and dont get enough protien cause you go for the cheapest. There are some times when you have had to resort to a food bank, and you feel humiliated and ashamed everytime you do.
  • Housing- we live in a small one bedroom basement apartment in East York. Good neighbourhood,thank goodness but this means very little space to call our own. I gave Roo the bedroom and my back has not seen a real bed in well so long Im forgetting what one would feel like. I sleep on a 1960's pullout couch.
  • Clothing-new clothes are a rarity, most of yours come from Value Village but you are okay with that, but sometimes things like underwear, socks and shoes must be bought new.
  • No Vacations-In Roo's 9 years she has seen one weekend camping trip and that has been the extent of vacation time for us. That trip was 4 summers ago.
  • You dont get to do things that kids normally do like swim lessons, dance lessons, clubs etc because well your mom doesnt have the money to allow for those.
  • Dental care, the basics are covered for Roo but it has left me with about $4,000 of URGENTLY needed dental care still not done, this isnt covered by our government, only extractions for adults are.
  • You have to plan carefully what you can do to try to have FUn in the city, you try to get out to some of the FREE events around town, but then you have to remember that busfare for you and Roo amounts to $7 for a round trip, so most times you can only go to where you can walk to.
  • You have only 2 tv channels, no cable, your internet connection is your only luxury.
  • Some times you dont even you to church because you dont have the busfare.

These are just some of the issues that the poor in the city of Toronto and in the province of Ontario live with, so if you rad this and are voting in the upcoming election please note where your canidate falls on services to the poor.

And dont get me started on childhood mental health care or the cutting of 500 EA's here in Toronto this year....those too are major election issues!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Day Late

Yes yesterday I was supposed to update you all regarding my marathon prep but with it being Harry Day I will catch you up on what I did this week to prepare to do my half marathon.
*walked 4 days 5km each day
*danced an afternoon away when it was pouring rain with Roo
*did strength building exersices 3 times this week
*drank about 1L of water per day, yes I know I need to increase this!
*swam 15 laps at local pool when I took Roo swimming

so that was my physical activity for the week, so now we are 11 weeks and counting!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Are you reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

SPOILER ALERT-dont read this blog, if you dont want a sense of the book, I wont name characters who die but feel there are some things some of you that read me might want to know.

First this book is NOT written for a 9 yr old reader! It is far to DARK! So if you lil one loves Harry it may be a wait and read or read it to them so you can disscuss the dark parts, cause some of the pages well made me fearful and I am a grown woman.

This is a much much more mature in wrting style it is as if the first book was written for that 10 yr old and as the books have progressed they are for the more mature and OLDER teens, those who's heart Harry captured in the first book have grown up with him where those like my daughter feel only in love with harry really in the past year. It is not a book for the new Harry reader.

Rowlings does a pretty good job of tying up the ends of things we all wonder about. I love that we really get to see how complex Harry can be, doubtful at times and leading in others, meanwhile falling for a certain gal. I love Harry in this book.

Some of the things characters have seen and used come to have very special meanings in this book and as we look back we can see the foreshadowing....now if you havent read the the other books this series is one where you really do need to read what happened before to get the most out of the read.

Personally the very end of the book after such a very dark book was to sweet for me, even though I am the happy dreamer. So let me know what you think of the book without spoilers for this week please.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Adventure to Getting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

So here I sit I am already at chapter 2 of guess what? Yes I have a copy of Book 7. Harry's last adventure. After this will there truely be no more Harry Potter?

We went to the biggest launch of a book ever I think Toronto has seen. It was so packed with people you would think we were sardines!

Roo loved every second we were there and now she is fast alseep. She was able to take the many FREE activities that INDIGO had going on for the kids. There was Hogwarts Castle, the Challenging Stair case, the double decker, she dueled, and of course visited the Shrieking Shack. There was so many dressed up in full costume and it was fun even to mix with the muggles. Every inch of a square block of Bay and Bloor was wall to wall people from about 8 pm on and as it got nearer and nearer the delivery hour it only got more packed, but to be honest I was so expecting it.

Well let me get back to reading and NO I wont leave any spoilers here this week, ok! I want you to read and enjoy just as much as I will. I will just say I really wish that there was al least one redeeming quality to Voldermort but as the book begins to seems clear there isnt! So there..Yes Voldermort is in the first chapter!

So do tell do you have the book yet? are you reading?

Our Summer Time Fun

Okay shaing some summer time fun pics of what my lil Roo has been doing this summer. The first pic is of her with one of her friends. One of the activites both girls love is to wrestle. Yes I said wrestle! They try and drag each other to the sofa for a pin.
The second photo is of Roo at one of our favorite cheap spots to go this summer and that is the splash park 3 blocks from our house. We bring snacks and drink, and I sit and read and watch while Roo plays.
Photo three is my dear Miss Fashion designer. See what she can do with a pld pair of tights and a slip. She made it into a dress and then pranced around in it for ours, the proud model and designer was she! She has been having a ball doing some pretty creative crazy things this summer. So what crazy things have yours been up to?
Tonight we are headed down to Bay and Bloor for some real craziness! We are headed to the biggest Harry Potter Party and launch here in Canada. They are occupying a whole street starting at 8 pm! Lots of stuff for kids to do and entertainment as we await that magic hour of 12:01 am! Can you wait to see who lives and who dies? We are looking forward to the event. Will have to report back on it later in the weekend.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Frugal Lifestyle or Bust

Lately I have been really examining how I live with my limited budget and have realized there is much that I can be doing to have more!

These are some of the things I have really started doing well in the last month or so:

  • tracking what I am spending, I am actually using a spread sheet in Excel to do this, and so far I simply bring home reciepts etc and enter them..I am watching where it is going and now I am able to see where I can make real cuts.
  • I am shopping the flyers and notcing sales cyle so say I buy 3 boxes of cereal I know that is more then enough till the next sale.
  • I am using coupons and collecting my loyalty points, infact this weekend I will be getting $100 worth of FREE stuff from Shoppers when I reedem 40,000 points! To get there I spent about $140. So it is like getting 40% off and when you think most of the stuff I bought there was on sale it is like Yeah Bonus time!
  • I am entering contests! There is nothing like FREE stuff. I spend about an hr entering contests and so far my wins are little but I am beleive the bigger ones will come.
  • I am doing without, some things I realize even are wants for me, and I havent gone there.
  • I am shopping Value Village and sales for back to school clothes, so far Roo has 4 new to her outfits for less then $30. I still have runners and a backpack to buy for her( but I do have still another $45 budgetted for back to school). Some of the stuff I pick up at Shoppers this weekend will be school supplies.
  • We are cooking more and more and eating less and less processed stuff, that is good.
  • We arent renting movies we are getting them from the libary.

So we are starting to live more frugally, hopefully that will leave us money for really important stuff that has been so far left undone as I tried to live cheque to cheque. So wish me well and if you have a frugal tip please feel free to leave it! As well I will be adding some of my new favorite frugal sites and blogs to the side over the next few days.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

3 Months from Today

Three months from today I will be doing the Toronto Marathon. It is hard to beleive that this health goal that I set for myself is now only 3 months away. Yes, I am walking everywhere I go practically. I have been averaging a good 5k on my feet at least each day. I am doing the half marathon walk. I am doing it memory of my grandmother who passed away last October from cancer and my dad who died 5 years ago. I do this to get my own health on track and to celebrate that fact as well. I am looking forward to crossing the finish line and getting my medal. My goal time is to average a 12 minute mile which should be pretty easy and that would have me crossing the finish line in about 2 1/2 hours. That is my goal! As of this week I am going to check in every Saturday and let you all know how training is progressing and how many miles I have walked that week. So 91 days from now I will be ready for the walk, I am looking forward to it, it is the first major health goal I have ever made and I am tahnkful for it. The money raised goes to The Princess Margaret Hospital which is one of the leading hospitals for Cancer care up here in Canada so please do cheer me on as I strive to reach the finish line!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Well here we are at another Friday the 13th, and so far nothing unlucky has happened but then again I dont really beleive in that sort of stuff do you?

This week has been rather busy even though Roo has been home all week with me. This is the first of a 3 week stretch she spends with me, then she goes back to daycamp for 1 week, home for another 2, back to camp for one and then home for the last 10days before back to school.

This week with Roo has been made up of :
  • Going to the libary twice, once so Roo could take part in a Shakespehere for 8-12 yr olds workshop. Roo is also taking part in the ssummer reading program so we had to report our first 3 reads. Roo LOVED the workshop and wants to do the camp the theatre group does next summer(yikes that camp is $300). I have decided I am taking her to see 12th Night which is being performed in High Park so she can see one of the plays.
  • We have also been making great use of the local splash park , everytime we go Roo seems to make a new friend which is great
  • We had a playdate with another spectrum child and thier family, and well let me say I am so very thankful every day for the progress Roo has made over the last year especially!
  • We went to Licks for lunch. YUM! Roo loved her free icecream come!( what was even better was the FREE lunch due to gift certificates from volunteering).
  • Went grocery shopping ..Roo is getting great at math and figuring out value, glad I can teach her these things now.
  • We had family night, Roo wanted to share one of the things she decided to learn about this summer and that is Ancient Eygpt..Yep we are learning about mummification, and the pyrmaids. We also played a great game of Life.
  • We downloaded some music Roo is inheriting my love of Broadway, yea! So we have been having inpromptu dance parties in the livingroom.
  • We checked our summer goal list to see what could be done this week, it looks like we will be on target for getting most of the MUST do stuff done and even a few Want to do's.
  • We got sand for the sandbox thanks to my friend Nancy, so Roo has been doing alot of creating in our backyard.

I did get invited to take Roo camping which is something we would love to do but my summer budget this year simply doesn't allow for such a luxury. Somedays I wonder how I manage with the budget we do have. But then we get blessed with a contest win and something FREE to do. I live for the FREE community events and am so thankful for the fact that we live in a city that offers many of them.

Well that has been our week in a nutshell, for those of you who know about my teen age runaway niece please keep her in your prayers. More and more it is looking worse instead of better. I pray she finds her way home soon before it is too late. She is 17 and thinks well that she can do anything.

Well Roo wants to cuddle and watch High School Musical for only the 4th time this week so I better get, have a blessed weekend all.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ed Mirvish and My Mom

Today Ed Mirvish died at the age of 92. If you are Canadian you know of him, if you live here in Toronto well he is a legend of well lets just say this city will never be the same because of his touch. When I first learned of his death my first call was to my mom why? Well let me tell you the story of my mom and Mr Mirvish.

Back in 1959 my mom began working for Ed's secetary of the time, as her nanny. One night mom had dinner with Mr Mirvish, and over the next few years Mr Mirvish kept a watchful eye on her, even trying to set my mom up with a date or two. It was Mr Mirvish who had just purchased out a wedding shop who supplied my moms wedding dresswhen she was getting married to my dad for $7( the same dress was worn by my sister 18 years ago). His wedding gift to them was $500( quite the sum for 1962). My mom spoke so kindly of him and said he was one who truely cared about those who were around him. She said He was a man like no other and she had wished she had followed some advice he gave back then.

Good night Ed you will be so missed in this city!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fear is part of our lives daily I am starting to think. Has it always been that way? For me I realize that as a kid I had so much freedom that I wouldnt think of letting Roo have today. When I was growing up I with my friends were allowed to roam the neighbourhood, go to the park, play down the street without adult supervision. These are things I wouldnt think of letting Roo do today. As I type this she is playing in the backyard, she knows though that she is not allowed out front without me..it is a simple rule, I feel safe with her in a fenced backyard. I take her to the park to play, I arrage playdates so she can have fun with other childern, but I wonder am I a bit too fearful? How am I going to teach her independence if I live in fear and instill fear in her? I dont let her walk to school (7 blocks away) by herself, and I go and get her feeling she is safer if I am there. Are my fears rational? At what risk is she if I let her have more freedom...Yes I know the child assualt rates for girls: 1 in 4 girls will be assualted in some way before they are 18. Most of those happen though not when kids are left to play but by people they know..so is this fear rational. What do you all think? Should we be letting our kids be kids more, or instilling more fear in them?

Friday, July 6, 2007

Dear Michael Moore : re "Sicko"

I sent the following to Michael Moore earlier today and wanted to share the contents of the letter with my readers as some of you know the story and battles of the last number of years that Roo and I have endured up here in the great north.

Dear Mr Moore,

Much has been made about your movie Sicko and the light it shows on what is lacking in the American health care system. I am a Canadian who has lived with and had to use both the US system and Canada's. On your website, you herald Canada's universal system. Let me tell you I think you have some facts wrong from the individual user perspective. Here is my view of both the US system for the poor and Canada's.

First I have spent almost 3 years south of the border living in Los Angeles and in Carlsbad NM. I got to see doctors offices, emergency wards and maternity care down there and have seen the same here north of the border. First for a year I volunteered and worked with the homeless back in the 80's and early 90's. In LA even without health insurance I got looked after and rather well when I had medical issues. First I got a fungal infection. I went to a local health clinic that is free to all, they then referred me to a doctor who treated my fungal infection for FREE, now this doc office was in Brentwood, and what I found great about the US healthcare system is that many doctors step up to the plate very quickly and volunteer services for those in need, you find that RARE in Canada. I also had to be a patient once at the UCLA emerg dept. I saw a doctor within 15 minutes of arriving where here in Canada after say 15 different visits over the last 10 years I have had to wait for care at least 1 hour and when my 3 year old daughter needed life saving surgery we waited 7 hrs for a surgeon here in Canada, in a cardiac care unit. While I lived in New Mexico I became pregnant with my daughter, again I had inadequate insurance( my exhusband was medically retired military having served in the first Gulf War)..my doctor there never billed me for my 9 months of care. I did have a $2,500 bill from the hospital for her birth. She was covered by with govt funds immediate to her birth and received excellent care while we were in the USA.

For her she is 9, and has been at the mercy of Canada's true lack of universal health care. There are thousands up here that have NO medical coverage. You see my dear daughter since her arrival here in Canada has NOT had adequate medical coverage. She has no access to the universal health care system that is supposed to be in place up here, though she is the daughter of a Canadian citizen.She recieves all her care at a community health center( like your free US clinics), but they can not refer her to specialists and the like who could fully diagnosis her. You see my daughter has many of the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, sensory issues, and allergies. So far all we have offically is that she has an LD...the tests are undone, the specialists unseen simply because up here in Canada we do have a two tier system. You see even if I got my daughter a health card today and was able to get a referral to a specialist the wait for service is about a year...another year in which my daughter does not get the treatment she so NEEDS for her to have a healthy childhood and that is in Canada. I could take her and have her privately tested up here as most parents who can afford to do do --it costs about $2,500. But you see I am a single parent who is solo parenting who has had to become therapist, coach, and advocate as we battle the government system here in Ontario. For the past two years because she is undiagnosed I have not been able to work as I have to be here for her--you see here in Ontario we are not only lacking medical treatment for all but are lacking resources for special children in the classroom. But that is another issue..

As well on your site you hailed Canadian wait times for services and hospital care. From this user's perspective we are so lacking. To get to see specialists once you are referred by your doctor you are often waiting months to be seen. Getting in to see surgeons is like winning a lottery here. As well don't as me about my local emergency dept..minimum wait I have ever had was 30 minutes, but mostly they have averaged out to about 3 hours before ever being seen by a doctor, and then there is the wait for xrays etc. Up here our medical system is at a breaking point and then there are those who die in a emergency dept hallway after having a heart attack like my grandfather. So please Mr Moore Canada should not be looked at as an example of what good health care is you see up here we need more doctors, we need more care for those in need, so you see we especially the working poor find ourselves in the same place as those in the US who live near or below the poverty line.

So could you do those who are in the real know about how bad it is a favour and correct your site. And then let us not begin to look at the issue of dental care.As well not sure if you know this there is now a Health care tax, so we do pay for health care even IF our families cant be covered. So simply wanted to bring you up to speed and may you never rely on government sources to speak for a real Canadian family.

Hollie PollardMom, Advocate, Coach,Parent of Uninsured Canadian/American child

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Trip Down Candy Lane

This week I have been dropping Roo and her best bud off each day for summer camp, then going and well exploring more of my city of Toronto.

Well after I dropped the girls off at Applegrove Day Camp, I was off for a walk along the boardwalk. What a great walking path especially first thing in the morning, I walked east on the path and then went off it at Kew Gardens as I also wanted to window shop along the Beaches stretch of Queen St. Well I found a shop I had never seen before and got to say the window display caught my eye as well as the name of the store The Nutty Chocolatier. Well being the chocolate lover that I am well I had to go explore. For me what was more amazing then there great fudge( highly reccomend the turtle fudge or the rocky road), was the assortment of candy from my childhood. Stuff I have not tasted in years....It brought back so many memories of trips to the local corner store with my quarter, and the candy we would come out with back then. They had all my old favorites: golden nugget gum, bottlecaps, fun dip, wax buttons, and PINK popcorn. They had many more but those were old favs of mine from the 70's! I spent an hour in thier remembering the trips to the store, John's was next across from my school Davind Lingstone in Brandon Manitoba, and it was such a joy to go thier and try and decide what I was going to buy that day, it was fun and one of my fav memories of childhood. So today I am thankful for the Chocolatier bringing back so many fond memories..and if you are in the area it is a store to check out--me and Roo will be back there on Sat as I want to show her the candies of my childhood..and maybe try one or two.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Have been feeling a bit like Cinderella this past week. It seems I have been doing a TON of cleaning, organizing and sorting...and then Roo gets into something and I have to start that whole area again, so I am feeling a bit weary, and a bit like my favorite character of Cinderella. Now talking of housework and all those things that mom have to do, what is your least favorite chore? do you have a favorite organizational tip? I am trying hard to simplfy but still have an inviting funky lil place.

Well tonight I am going to relax and watch Canadian Idol...I have fav girl and fav guy already and this year there are a few that are uber great!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Canada Day, Goodbye Sams and a Concert for Diana

So many thoughts going through my head right now as I sit and watch the concert for Diana and type this. First about the concert, I think it was great for the princes to honor thier mom in such a way. I feel such a connection with a woman I only met in passing so many years ago. It was the first time she was an offical visit and I was blessed with that chance. It was also on the night of her death, that I knew in my heart that my marriage was a sham, so I always say there were 2 deaths that night hers and the death of me being so naive. It is great to raise funds for her favorite causes too, it was way so many loved her when she was alive, as she tried hard to raise awareness on key issues and succeced..I watching Duran Duran as I type( what an 80's band) but it was one of her favorites and todays line up truely does pay homage to her and her legacy( her boys). I watch today with my heart full of different emotions, and full of deep respect for a woman who went far too soon.

On another front here in Toronto yesterday our city said goodbye to a landmark, Sam the Record man is no more. Yesterday the Yonge St sore closed. Many canadians can remember buying thier first records at a sams store--I remember mine--it was a patridge family record. Thier store is part of Canadian history and has know met the same fate as others equally as well known such as Eatons...It will now simply be part of Canadian lore. The store was recognized recently as a heritage site with its signage like no other. I know for me buying music there was an experience, and I can even remember waiting in line for thier Boxing Day sale for they were well lets just say amazing. You will never again see a buying expereince like the one that we were able to have in that store. You will be missed Sam!

Then today is a day to celebrate all things Canada and I worry that with the onset of bigger and better and the box store that we are losing some of the things that are Canadian. That soon we will not have a legacy to pass on to our children..that being Canadian wont be the same as it once was.

On the political front we are no longer the peaceful nation, our the peacekeeper, we are no part of the warring nations trying to bring peace where it may not be wanted. We are now on lists of countries that are well on the watch for a terror attack. Why? because of our actions overseas...

On the homefront we cant even seem to get things right..we let those who have here since before any of my ancestors lanquish in poverty, poor housing, and education on on reserves well let me just say in some 3rd workd countries they get better. We as Cannucks have just ignored this while saying we are a welcoming people? are we really? Do we give a leg up to those that come or do we make them work 3 jobs to get by? Yes we have health care for all here but again even now we are Americanizing it with private clinics and the like for those of a different economic level..so again we dont meet the needs of all cannucks. We have so many problems facing us here right now that I am afraid that the land that I loved is so languishing.

Are there things to really celebrate?Yes but we have much to do if we want to remain truely Canadian. Perhaps we are on the edge of a wake up call only time will tell..

Well all I am off to enjoy the rest of today, may those of you who call this land home have a blessed and safe CAnada's Day! Enjoy and then tommorrow may we stand together and fix some of these things that must be fixed.
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