Tuesday, July 24, 2007

9 years later

Nine years ago at this very hour I was on the road, on a good ol Greyhound bus leaving Carlsbad NW for the Great North. I had Roo in a carrier and she was such a very good baby for the entire trip. I remember well the shelter that we had stayed at in New Mexico had set us up well for the journey and then we stayed at the Red Door shelter when we got here to Toronto. For those of you who dont know my entire journey( or those who may be newer readers). Roo was born homeless thanks to the EX I had. Roo was 6 months old on that journey north.

I remember our arrival in Toronto well and the lost luggage( some of my stuff arrived 2 days later). I remember going to my dad's and gram's our first stop, once we were settled to introduce Roo to her grandfather and great grandma, and the extended clan. I remember being glad I was back on Canandian soil.

So much has gone on in those 9 years, I think I have grown in who I am and truely have become the survivor, the advocate, the mom that was deep within me back then.

Some not so good things have happened that were seen as set backs but even those we recovered from, heck not even the great fire of 2004 where we lost it all except us, deterred us.

I truely am enjoying parenting Roo, not every day is a cake walk, but we are on a journey, a path, that has its hills and vallies. Right now most days I am content with what we have..do I want better for both of us yes, but all is in the master's hand. He knows what is around the corner where I dont and that is okay with me! Nine years later and I'm glad that I caught that bus.

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