Saturday, July 21, 2007

Are you reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

SPOILER ALERT-dont read this blog, if you dont want a sense of the book, I wont name characters who die but feel there are some things some of you that read me might want to know.

First this book is NOT written for a 9 yr old reader! It is far to DARK! So if you lil one loves Harry it may be a wait and read or read it to them so you can disscuss the dark parts, cause some of the pages well made me fearful and I am a grown woman.

This is a much much more mature in wrting style it is as if the first book was written for that 10 yr old and as the books have progressed they are for the more mature and OLDER teens, those who's heart Harry captured in the first book have grown up with him where those like my daughter feel only in love with harry really in the past year. It is not a book for the new Harry reader.

Rowlings does a pretty good job of tying up the ends of things we all wonder about. I love that we really get to see how complex Harry can be, doubtful at times and leading in others, meanwhile falling for a certain gal. I love Harry in this book.

Some of the things characters have seen and used come to have very special meanings in this book and as we look back we can see the if you havent read the the other books this series is one where you really do need to read what happened before to get the most out of the read.

Personally the very end of the book after such a very dark book was to sweet for me, even though I am the happy dreamer. So let me know what you think of the book without spoilers for this week please.


OneFullHouse said...

Hi, I found you through Eileen's blog ... You may share some details with her, but I just found something that we have in common. My oldest child has Asperger's too. I am actually fairly new at this whole thing since he was just diagnosed recently.

How long has your daughter been diagnosed? Any insights to share with a newbie?

Have a good one,


OneFullHouse said...

I tried to find your email link, but I couldn' I will leave another comment. (ooops)

My son is almost 8. I always knew he was different, but not sure how. He got labeled as gifted last year in school, and at that time the school psychologist advised me to get him tested, since she had seen some 'red flags' during her testing. Anyways, I know a bit about Aspergers, I've searched the net, but I don't know how to go about case workers and all that stuff...they'll show me. And I have a ton of forms to fill out now. But, it sounds by what you are saying that there are things you can do to help, and that is really good to hear. Thanks again for your kind words.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hollie, You have been a busy little camper. I liked #7 a lot. I'm so glad JK tied up those loose ends. Your analysis is dead on.

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