Sunday, July 1, 2007

Canada Day, Goodbye Sams and a Concert for Diana

So many thoughts going through my head right now as I sit and watch the concert for Diana and type this. First about the concert, I think it was great for the princes to honor thier mom in such a way. I feel such a connection with a woman I only met in passing so many years ago. It was the first time she was an offical visit and I was blessed with that chance. It was also on the night of her death, that I knew in my heart that my marriage was a sham, so I always say there were 2 deaths that night hers and the death of me being so naive. It is great to raise funds for her favorite causes too, it was way so many loved her when she was alive, as she tried hard to raise awareness on key issues and succeced..I watching Duran Duran as I type( what an 80's band) but it was one of her favorites and todays line up truely does pay homage to her and her legacy( her boys). I watch today with my heart full of different emotions, and full of deep respect for a woman who went far too soon.

On another front here in Toronto yesterday our city said goodbye to a landmark, Sam the Record man is no more. Yesterday the Yonge St sore closed. Many canadians can remember buying thier first records at a sams store--I remember mine--it was a patridge family record. Thier store is part of Canadian history and has know met the same fate as others equally as well known such as Eatons...It will now simply be part of Canadian lore. The store was recognized recently as a heritage site with its signage like no other. I know for me buying music there was an experience, and I can even remember waiting in line for thier Boxing Day sale for they were well lets just say amazing. You will never again see a buying expereince like the one that we were able to have in that store. You will be missed Sam!

Then today is a day to celebrate all things Canada and I worry that with the onset of bigger and better and the box store that we are losing some of the things that are Canadian. That soon we will not have a legacy to pass on to our children..that being Canadian wont be the same as it once was.

On the political front we are no longer the peaceful nation, our the peacekeeper, we are no part of the warring nations trying to bring peace where it may not be wanted. We are now on lists of countries that are well on the watch for a terror attack. Why? because of our actions overseas...

On the homefront we cant even seem to get things right..we let those who have here since before any of my ancestors lanquish in poverty, poor housing, and education on on reserves well let me just say in some 3rd workd countries they get better. We as Cannucks have just ignored this while saying we are a welcoming people? are we really? Do we give a leg up to those that come or do we make them work 3 jobs to get by? Yes we have health care for all here but again even now we are Americanizing it with private clinics and the like for those of a different economic again we dont meet the needs of all cannucks. We have so many problems facing us here right now that I am afraid that the land that I loved is so languishing.

Are there things to really celebrate?Yes but we have much to do if we want to remain truely Canadian. Perhaps we are on the edge of a wake up call only time will tell..

Well all I am off to enjoy the rest of today, may those of you who call this land home have a blessed and safe CAnada's Day! Enjoy and then tommorrow may we stand together and fix some of these things that must be fixed.


HOLY said...

We had a quiet Canada Day today but started our festivities early - went to the Blue Jays game against the Mariners Friday night and loudly sung the Canadian national anthem - thankfully we were randomly sitting in a section of many Jays fans.

And then yesterday we had our Canada Day bbq and played our Oh What a Feeling cds of all things Canadian music...that was fun. And then we shot off some small, harmless fireworks - highly illegal here where we live but legal in other municipalities nearby - someone called the police so they patrol car showed up as we were all still standing on the street with the neighbors - thankfully he just gave us a warning or we would have been hooped. Oops - oh well, we were never allowed to do that in Alberta!

And today we hung our Canada wind sock and Canada flag even though all the Americans around us are already flying their flag and decorating theirs doors for the many are totally clued out that it's Canada Day - they say, what's that? What's that indeed!

HOLY said...

PS - Sam the Record Man is leaving....ohmigod....that is a sad day in storefront, music and Cdn history.

SAAM said...

Go Canada Go
I think because we are so different than the U.S. it make us a better country, depite the things that need to be changed.
My weekend was good. I always wear red on Canada Day!!
Take care

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