Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Have been feeling a bit like Cinderella this past week. It seems I have been doing a TON of cleaning, organizing and sorting...and then Roo gets into something and I have to start that whole area again, so I am feeling a bit weary, and a bit like my favorite character of Cinderella. Now talking of housework and all those things that mom have to do, what is your least favorite chore? do you have a favorite organizational tip? I am trying hard to simplfy but still have an inviting funky lil place.

Well tonight I am going to relax and watch Canadian Idol...I have fav girl and fav guy already and this year there are a few that are uber great!

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Katheen said...

I am the last person to get organizational advice from, but I can tell you my most hated chore. Dishes. Crazy but true - even with a dishwasher I hate taking care of dishes. There is NEVER a time when I don't have dishes in my sink. I have assigned my 15 year old son to dish duty and he does a lousy job; but it is better than making it my own responsibility!

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