Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fear is part of our lives daily I am starting to think. Has it always been that way? For me I realize that as a kid I had so much freedom that I wouldnt think of letting Roo have today. When I was growing up I with my friends were allowed to roam the neighbourhood, go to the park, play down the street without adult supervision. These are things I wouldnt think of letting Roo do today. As I type this she is playing in the backyard, she knows though that she is not allowed out front without me..it is a simple rule, I feel safe with her in a fenced backyard. I take her to the park to play, I arrage playdates so she can have fun with other childern, but I wonder am I a bit too fearful? How am I going to teach her independence if I live in fear and instill fear in her? I dont let her walk to school (7 blocks away) by herself, and I go and get her feeling she is safer if I am there. Are my fears rational? At what risk is she if I let her have more freedom...Yes I know the child assualt rates for girls: 1 in 4 girls will be assualted in some way before they are 18. Most of those happen though not when kids are left to play but by people they know..so is this fear rational. What do you all think? Should we be letting our kids be kids more, or instilling more fear in them?

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Brenda said...

I don't see it as instilling fear, but rather teaching our children how to protect themselves by being safe and vigilant. Times really aren't much different than they were back in the day, they're just more available to the public eye by way of mass media.

When I think back to my childhood freedom, I know my folks would've been much more cautious had they known about all of the times I was approached by a stranger offering a ride or candy. Thank goodness I knew enough to turn them down!

... which is exactly what you're teaching Roo so she can make the right choices if/when she's in a similar situation. God forbid.

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