Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Well here we are at another Friday the 13th, and so far nothing unlucky has happened but then again I dont really beleive in that sort of stuff do you?

This week has been rather busy even though Roo has been home all week with me. This is the first of a 3 week stretch she spends with me, then she goes back to daycamp for 1 week, home for another 2, back to camp for one and then home for the last 10days before back to school.

This week with Roo has been made up of :
  • Going to the libary twice, once so Roo could take part in a Shakespehere for 8-12 yr olds workshop. Roo is also taking part in the ssummer reading program so we had to report our first 3 reads. Roo LOVED the workshop and wants to do the camp the theatre group does next summer(yikes that camp is $300). I have decided I am taking her to see 12th Night which is being performed in High Park so she can see one of the plays.
  • We have also been making great use of the local splash park , everytime we go Roo seems to make a new friend which is great
  • We had a playdate with another spectrum child and thier family, and well let me say I am so very thankful every day for the progress Roo has made over the last year especially!
  • We went to Licks for lunch. YUM! Roo loved her free icecream come!( what was even better was the FREE lunch due to gift certificates from volunteering).
  • Went grocery shopping ..Roo is getting great at math and figuring out value, glad I can teach her these things now.
  • We had family night, Roo wanted to share one of the things she decided to learn about this summer and that is Ancient Eygpt..Yep we are learning about mummification, and the pyrmaids. We also played a great game of Life.
  • We downloaded some music Roo is inheriting my love of Broadway, yea! So we have been having inpromptu dance parties in the livingroom.
  • We checked our summer goal list to see what could be done this week, it looks like we will be on target for getting most of the MUST do stuff done and even a few Want to do's.
  • We got sand for the sandbox thanks to my friend Nancy, so Roo has been doing alot of creating in our backyard.

I did get invited to take Roo camping which is something we would love to do but my summer budget this year simply doesn't allow for such a luxury. Somedays I wonder how I manage with the budget we do have. But then we get blessed with a contest win and something FREE to do. I live for the FREE community events and am so thankful for the fact that we live in a city that offers many of them.

Well that has been our week in a nutshell, for those of you who know about my teen age runaway niece please keep her in your prayers. More and more it is looking worse instead of better. I pray she finds her way home soon before it is too late. She is 17 and thinks well that she can do anything.

Well Roo wants to cuddle and watch High School Musical for only the 4th time this week so I better get, have a blessed weekend all.

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