Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Frugal Lifestyle or Bust

Lately I have been really examining how I live with my limited budget and have realized there is much that I can be doing to have more!

These are some of the things I have really started doing well in the last month or so:

  • tracking what I am spending, I am actually using a spread sheet in Excel to do this, and so far I simply bring home reciepts etc and enter them..I am watching where it is going and now I am able to see where I can make real cuts.
  • I am shopping the flyers and notcing sales cyle so say I buy 3 boxes of cereal I know that is more then enough till the next sale.
  • I am using coupons and collecting my loyalty points, infact this weekend I will be getting $100 worth of FREE stuff from Shoppers when I reedem 40,000 points! To get there I spent about $140. So it is like getting 40% off and when you think most of the stuff I bought there was on sale it is like Yeah Bonus time!
  • I am entering contests! There is nothing like FREE stuff. I spend about an hr entering contests and so far my wins are little but I am beleive the bigger ones will come.
  • I am doing without, some things I realize even are wants for me, and I havent gone there.
  • I am shopping Value Village and sales for back to school clothes, so far Roo has 4 new to her outfits for less then $30. I still have runners and a backpack to buy for her( but I do have still another $45 budgetted for back to school). Some of the stuff I pick up at Shoppers this weekend will be school supplies.
  • We are cooking more and more and eating less and less processed stuff, that is good.
  • We arent renting movies we are getting them from the libary.

So we are starting to live more frugally, hopefully that will leave us money for really important stuff that has been so far left undone as I tried to live cheque to cheque. So wish me well and if you have a frugal tip please feel free to leave it! As well I will be adding some of my new favorite frugal sites and blogs to the side over the next few days.


Jungle Mama said...

Oh, how well I know this lifestyle! I hope that you find more time to save more money. It does take lots of time, doesn't it?

Katy said...

Living frugally is so hard. The Hub and I did it just like you're doing it right now--write down every expenditure. When you do that, you realize that you spend money on things that aren't imporant to you. Sounds like you're doing a great job.

Kelly A. said...

My two favorite frugal motivator books: The Tightwad Gazette, by Amy Dacyczyn (hope I spelled that right) and The Millionaire Next Door, by Thomas Stanley

The first will fill your brain with all kinds of frugal things you didn't think of and the second will inspire you to keep it up and reap the rewards of frugality.

Dave Ramsey is another author people rave about. I've never read him.

You sound like you are off to a fabulous start. It's hard work, but worth it.

Can't wait to see a post about something big you won!

HOLY said...

That is an awesome list of essential mindful spending we would all do well to heed.

We also want to begin tracking expenditures on the computer - I'd love to find budget software that already has a spreadsheet pre-built - I suck at Excel.

And the free summer fun activities are always the best. I know locals who spent 80 to a 100 a month on swim club memberships they barely use. Egads - that's alot of money wasted. We go to the free local beach park instead and the kids prefer it - they can play in the sand, at the playground, in the field or in the lake....way better fun.

I r

Philip Jackson said...

You're right about something:

There is nothing like free stuff!

Those coupons and those contests really want to make you come back to those shops, right? Oh, and that's an awesome amount of loyalty points you have there. Are you a frequent shopper at that place?

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