Friday, July 20, 2007

The Adventure to Getting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

So here I sit I am already at chapter 2 of guess what? Yes I have a copy of Book 7. Harry's last adventure. After this will there truely be no more Harry Potter?

We went to the biggest launch of a book ever I think Toronto has seen. It was so packed with people you would think we were sardines!

Roo loved every second we were there and now she is fast alseep. She was able to take the many FREE activities that INDIGO had going on for the kids. There was Hogwarts Castle, the Challenging Stair case, the double decker, she dueled, and of course visited the Shrieking Shack. There was so many dressed up in full costume and it was fun even to mix with the muggles. Every inch of a square block of Bay and Bloor was wall to wall people from about 8 pm on and as it got nearer and nearer the delivery hour it only got more packed, but to be honest I was so expecting it.

Well let me get back to reading and NO I wont leave any spoilers here this week, ok! I want you to read and enjoy just as much as I will. I will just say I really wish that there was al least one redeeming quality to Voldermort but as the book begins to seems clear there isnt! So there..Yes Voldermort is in the first chapter!

So do tell do you have the book yet? are you reading?

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Connie said...

I only read the last few pages to find out the end. I searched the internet to find out this morning but I could not find a thing. I have to go read the book now. Thanks for the comment. Connie

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