Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Summer Time Fun

Okay shaing some summer time fun pics of what my lil Roo has been doing this summer. The first pic is of her with one of her friends. One of the activites both girls love is to wrestle. Yes I said wrestle! They try and drag each other to the sofa for a pin.
The second photo is of Roo at one of our favorite cheap spots to go this summer and that is the splash park 3 blocks from our house. We bring snacks and drink, and I sit and read and watch while Roo plays.
Photo three is my dear Miss Fashion designer. See what she can do with a pld pair of tights and a slip. She made it into a dress and then pranced around in it for ours, the proud model and designer was she! She has been having a ball doing some pretty creative crazy things this summer. So what crazy things have yours been up to?
Tonight we are headed down to Bay and Bloor for some real craziness! We are headed to the biggest Harry Potter Party and launch here in Canada. They are occupying a whole street starting at 8 pm! Lots of stuff for kids to do and entertainment as we await that magic hour of 12:01 am! Can you wait to see who lives and who dies? We are looking forward to the event. Will have to report back on it later in the weekend.

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