Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thankful Mom

Sometimes I look at Roo and am amazed. First at where the time has gone, but then I really look at her and have to say WOW....Reasons why I love being her mom:

  • she makes a great breakfast in bed, today she woke me up with my fav herbal tea and cereal already poured, what a great kid.
  • she gives the biggest and best HUGS!
  • she tells the silliest jokes and her favorites are Knock knocks
  • She likes to read as much as I do, and will lay in bed and read till she falls asleep, most nights she has fallen asleep with a book in her hand, how cute is that!
  • she likes to play board games just like her mom
  • she loves to cuddle with her mom
  • she is very creative, and smart
  • she is a great friend( 0ne of the things I am most thankful for this year is that she has formed friendships)
  • she is loyal
  • she is honest, even if it means getting in trouble, she will own up
  • she likes gardeing, like her mom
  • she is a water baby while her mom is a water rat

Okay you get the idea and I am sure every mom out there has there own list as why they love there kids so very much..The one good thing my EX left me with was her to raise: my unique, creative, loving child!

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