Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Trip Down Candy Lane

This week I have been dropping Roo and her best bud off each day for summer camp, then going and well exploring more of my city of Toronto.

Well after I dropped the girls off at Applegrove Day Camp, I was off for a walk along the boardwalk. What a great walking path especially first thing in the morning, I walked east on the path and then went off it at Kew Gardens as I also wanted to window shop along the Beaches stretch of Queen St. Well I found a shop I had never seen before and got to say the window display caught my eye as well as the name of the store The Nutty Chocolatier. Well being the chocolate lover that I am well I had to go explore. For me what was more amazing then there great fudge( highly reccomend the turtle fudge or the rocky road), was the assortment of candy from my childhood. Stuff I have not tasted in years....It brought back so many memories of trips to the local corner store with my quarter, and the candy we would come out with back then. They had all my old favorites: golden nugget gum, bottlecaps, fun dip, wax buttons, and PINK popcorn. They had many more but those were old favs of mine from the 70's! I spent an hour in thier remembering the trips to the store, John's was next across from my school Davind Lingstone in Brandon Manitoba, and it was such a joy to go thier and try and decide what I was going to buy that day, it was fun and one of my fav memories of childhood. So today I am thankful for the Chocolatier bringing back so many fond memories..and if you are in the area it is a store to check out--me and Roo will be back there on Sat as I want to show her the candies of my childhood..and maybe try one or two.

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Kelly A. said...

Yes, yes, yes to candy! Sounds like a great find.

Today we are going to a museum that has an exhibit all about candy! This post reminded me we have a store similar to your Nutty Choco one, we'll have to make a stop. I'll pick up some bottle caps in your honor! (They are my husband's favs.)

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