Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Death of Family Pet

I am so very sad tonight, I cant sleep. I just want to cry. You see tommorrow my mom is putting Bandit down...who is Bandit. BAndit is my dog, mom's dog, Karen's dog, the family pet.
Mom and Smokey got Bandit 14 years ago. Bandit was my constant companion when I lived at home. WE would go for long walks on the back acres. We would play together. I loved my dog. Smokey, my step dog was the one who first brought Bandit home and after his death Bandit became my mom's constant companion except for the last 2 years when he has lived with my sister.

This week my sister is here with me and she doesnt have it in her to put our dying pet down so mom has taken it upon herself to do it ..He is having a hard time breathing, walking, barely eating, he is dying and it is time to make peace that our pet will soon be gone but what a week for him to go, the same time we are burying dad...so much grief is at the surface and I dont know what to do with it. I feel like crying, my stomach is in knots as I relive so many memories. I never thought the death of a dog would so impact me, but it is. Since I was in my late 20's Bandit has been part of our family and with his passing thier will be a hole in our family as another one passes to the other side. He will be so very missed, and I pray his final moments are in comfort and peace for he brought us so much of that over the years. You will be so missed my dear Bandit.

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