Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Dinner Invite

Last night Roo and I were invited out for dinner. My friend Juan and his son who is friends with Roo invited us over to thier place which isnt that far from us. First when I got there I must admit I was impressed his place was very warm and inviting ( not what this girl has seen at most single mens apartments) ..So Juan knowing that I am nursing that ucler of mine didnt cook up the spices which I am thankful for...we had great fish, chicken, pasta and salad...he is a very good cook. After dinner while the kids played and painted we talked and talked. It was great to get to know him better. It really was the first time I have talked to a man who has been down the divorce path, and has rebuildt, and it was great to learn his views on things and many of them mirrored mine which was very cool I thought. We listened to the spanish sounds of his culture and that music is some of my favorite as well. It really was a great night out and we werent watching the clock so Roo and I ended up getting home VERY late..just before midnight..over all an excellent night out after revovering from being so laid up for days..

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