Monday, August 13, 2007

Hanging With Family

This week my sister, her partner, and my two nieces are here in Toronto. Yeah! I love when they come to vist, which is every 2 years. Today they have taken a side trip to Niagra Falls to go to Marine Land. My one niece who is 15 loves dolphins and cant wait to see them.

On Friday my sister came to visit at my place( they are staying with her partner's bro in Brampton) and left the girls for the night. I took my nieces and Roo shopping along the Danforth. ....we got there down there about 4 just as everything was getting geared up for Taste on the could smell the tastes in the air. Both my nieces were telling me they dont ussally street shop but hit the they were getting a kick out of going store to store. The oldest( the returned runaway) bought a few prezzies for friends and these HUGE gold earrings. The youngest was saving her money and just window shopped. Roo wanted to take the girls to her favorite store on the Danforth Treasure Island toys and guess what we found there the new CHARMS for the Webkinz I watched my daughter drool for a bit as she eyed them and then as she went to show my nieces some of her favorite other things in the store I bought one while she wasnt looking. Mean mom eh! I plan on using it as a reward this week.

After we got home we had dinner and the girls watched Iced Age 1 and 2 which Roo had nver seen. All the girls had fun together and crashed together in the livingroom while I used the occasion to sleep in the only real bed we have(roo's)...

On Saturday after sleeping in it the teens decided to take Roo to the local splash park..I let the girls go on thier own and used the time to tidy up after 3 girls!!How much mess can three girls make in a day! My sis got here in the early eve and after a very short visit they were off. We are all ( meaning about 10 family mbrs) getting together tommorrow at my Uncle's place. It will be good to see some of my cousins. Most of us havent connected since my Grandma's funeral in October.
Isnt hanging with family the absolute best~!


Darla said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I passed by yours we have so much in common.... Single mom, I have a few more kids *lol* but I also deal with the ongoings of a child that has adhd, lost my dad 10yrs ago. Please feel free to drop me a line even if it's just for comfort.

Have a good day
Darla - Washington state

Amber said...

I LOVE hanging with family, I just wish mine was closer. Speaking of which, they're coming into town next week. We'll see if my opinion changes. :-)

Janet said...

I just got back from hanging with extended family that we so rarely see. It's fun, isn't it?

I have always wanted to go to Taste of the Danforth. One of these years....

Thanks for stopping to chat when you were out on your your 'blog walk.' I love getting new comments!

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