Saturday, August 25, 2007

Morning Talk with Roo

I am cross posting this on both my blogs today cause well it was such a great conversation with Roo:

My daughter Roo and I had an intersting talk this morning about money..You see she was watching TV and a Plan Canada program came on, and my daughter who is a very empathic 9 year old was like mom why do some kids live like that? why cant we share? can we sponser all these kids? please mom what can we do...
Roo doesnt realize that to Canadian standards we are considered poor by many, even though we have a place to live, food in the cupboards, and well freecycled and garage sale material possessions. Our talk turned to what we do have materially and how that compares to the children in much of the world. Roo I think was realizing how rich we are on a global standard. It made her stop and think about her collection of toys in her room, and how some kids arent so blessed, and the shelves full of books she has..I think she is coming to understand that we can do our part by not buying into the material fantasy that is much of western thought.
You can live simply, make do, recycle, make concessions, and give too, they say karma is a great thing, and personally sharing as you are able to is a good thing in a world that says we need the newest computer, the newest gadgets to make our life easier, but would that really be the answer I think not, I like the lessons I have been learning myself about being cheaper then cheap..I too not that long ago was on that material rollercoaster looking for the next newest thing..simple is nice, simple is easy, simple is cheaper then cheap and leaves one feeling blessed.
Well off to have a sinple day of going to the blessed.....


Kelly A. said...

Smart little girl. It's nice to be reminded of lessons learned.

Janet said...

Simple is better. My kids have a basement full 'o toys that they hardly ever play with. They prefer to go for a bike ride, play a family game or just hang out together.

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