Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reflections on Military Service and Dieppe

As I wrote earlier this week I was able to put together more of my grandfather's military service, but along with finding more about him I am learning more about his older brother who served and died for my freedom. Today is the 65th anniversary of the try to get ahold of a stronghold on French soil, the words Dieppe will forever live in the Canadian history books. For years I thought our family military service came after Dieppe, but I was wrong. You see after talking to my great uncle George( the last remaining of that generation of Pollards) my great Uncle Fredrick died 65 years ago today at Dieppe. He was one of the 913 Canadians who died that day, trying to free France. Thousands of others were injured but for them it was worth it to help another...Back then we wanted our friends to be FREE, we were willing to fight for it. Today our country lost another solidier in Afganistan, he is the 67th soldier to die in this new war we fight to again give some freedom. Years ago those who went came back our heros, having saved much of Europe from well who knows what would of happened if Hitler had had his way completely. Today we ask as we lend military effort to the task of ridding a country of terrorists, we ask should we be there? havent we done enough...It is as if we no longer want to fight for peace, for freedom, like our grandfathers, and those of his generation did. Perhaps they valued freedom more then we do today. Do we take our freedoms for granted and say if it is on the other side of the world from me I dont have to care, or get involved. Wars will always be around in some part of the world or another has some try and force views, and lifestyles onto others..why is this? Did our grandfathers fight in vain on that beach if we are abusing the blessing of being free today? if we dont care? These are some of the questions I ask today as I watch the men who were there go back to remember my great uncle, and the other 912 men lost that day.

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