Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Step into the Past

Yesterday me and Roo headed to the other side of the city to get together with my sister and then go visit family.We met up at Yorkdale and then went and got some flowers for grandma's and grandpa's grave..after that it was a trip up to Beechwood cemetary to take the flowers to the graves and pray our respects. Both Karen and I had a hard time rembering the exact spot where they were..we must of spent at least 10 minutes looking for grave 1515..we found it what we had missed were the flowers already covering the marker. So we tided up those ones and added ours. It was nice to go and pay our respects.

After there it was time to head over to my dad's brother Uncle R and Aunt A's. It was great to hang with them. A pulled out some OLD photos that got the stories for the family past going. It was nice to step into the past for a bit. Then Aunt A pulled out some REAL OLD pics that dated back to 1945 and a newspaer article that was in the Toronto Tegram about my grandfather Norman Pollard who was captured on Sept 29th, 1945 in Belguim. It also mentions that my grandfather's older brother had been killed in combat there. The article put so many pices together of the stories I had heard from gram about those years. Then Aunt A pulled out a photo of the day grampa left his family to go and serve, you see him a dad of 3 with his bag over his shoulder and my dad who was about Roo's age then saying goodbye to his Dad..and I couldnt help but think what it must of been like to be a parnet going off to war, not knowing if or when you would see your wife or children again. It really got me thinking of the sacrifices that my generation really dont know enough about. For me it was amazing to step back in time.


Thotman said...

This was a great blog...I cant imagine just pulling up stakes and leaving the little ones, heading into the unknown..the future is such a secretive place, revealing its hidden realities ever so slowly...and gladly so, for what if we could look out and see its moments, and in any one of those WE were not there!... I think what makes each day so wonderful is that there is nothing but our past to affect the present,...or is faith our method of creating the future..?

Anonymous said...

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