Sunday, September 30, 2007

What to do When the Kids Aint in School

What a Friday we had! It was a PA DAy here so I had two girls Roo and Red. Let me tell you a house with two 9 years olds in a wonderful crazy place to be...Red got here bright and early and the girls broke into crafting as 9 year olds will do! Red brought a paint kit with her and the girls went on to paint, papers, t-shirts, flip flops, purses, wallets, basically anything they could! Then once they ran out of things to paint they decided to paint themselves! What a mess! It defintely was a LONG clean up--but the sounds of laughter from both girls made up for the mess! They were two grils being insane as they would say. Here is the final product!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a September!

Sorry I havent been blogging but I have been one very busy mom!

Okay the good stuff first:

Roo is settling in well at school this year. She has EA's in both morning and afternoon classrooms! She has completed about 3/4 of all the testing that they do at the begining of the year and is about 6 months behind, that is a good thing! She is doing well and now that behaviors are well under control we can do more for her LD. This is every parent who raises a special child's dream: that she be able to succeed at her level with her peers. I am a happy mom in how far she has come. On the pyshical front it has been a bit harder for her as allergies have hit and hit hard, Roo is now taking adult meds to help her cope but they are working so that is a good thing!

On the school front I blogged last year about being on the School Advisory council Exec., I am doing that again this year but a wee change is that I am not doing the chairing, woohoo! I am doing more with Home and School(PTA)..We are busy getting ready for our fall fair, can you imagine a mom who is running around looking for donations for our raffles??? Can You? Got anything to offer up? That is what I will be focused on for the next couple of weeks.

Then on the other school front I am now attending courses to upgrade my computer certification so by Christmas all my certifications will be up to speed!

Then there is the fact that I am apaprtmetn hunting, this one simply has been a huge drain to me and Roo and well we have stayed actually too long, it is time to move!

Bad Stuff:

This Monday will she me praying and praying some more as my mom undergos brain surgery to remove a tumor. Prayerfuly she recovers well.

Okay I think that catches you all on my crazy world right now!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today is September 11th, there are so many thoughts that go through my head today that I think it wants to explode..

My mind is taken back to that dreadful day, the day I watched from afar as so many lives where changed forever. It is the day that Roo almost died cause I was watching the NEWS instead of her. She swallowed a toonie and it got caught in her lung pipe...after 7 hours in a cardiac care unit and a surgery I had my little girl many were not as lucky as I was that day.

There were so many lives lost that day, and they will be remembered I am sure but what really is thier legacy? Some are known as heros, some have been somewhat forgotten with the passage of time. Some that volunteered that day for service and spent weeks down at ground zero are now dying as a direct result of being thier that day and they have been so neglected. I can remeber the flags as the firefighters and police officers walked back from the site. It is these men and women that are now the forgotten heros of the day..they are being neglected by thier forces, by thier city and even by thier country, but that often happens to those that serve valiantly. Thier is an air of expectation that you will go and serve, give and no matter what happens to you, you suck it up..that is the heros path right? WRONG..I think we as global citizens need to do more to thank and insure that no one is forgotten, they did that good deed without thought of what can we do to insure a proper legacy for those who really are heros..
Support them. and thier families as we also support those who died that day let that be our good deed today. I would encourage you if you are American write and write again, let the major of New York, your congressmen, your senators know your thoughts on this day..Let us not let them die without the support they so need..
And if you really want to do a good deed today please do register it at .

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Good Day

Well today is turning into a good day! Got a call from Roo's school at lunch, she wasnt feeing well, but she stayed and tuffed it out and that is a good thing. Her tummy was bugging her.

Today I also got a call from Inside Toronto( our local community newspaper chain) and I won foour tickets to this Saturdays Argo game-- and it is againt the Hamilton Tiger Cats so we get to see the rivals play for free and they are great seats too.
Then I went grocery shopping. Spent $16.56 and came home with $39 in food. Why? Because I used Dominions Fresh or Free guarntee...want to know what I brought home for FREE? Calcium fortifed orange juice, Kellogs Winders( candy treat for Roo), Cookies, carmel tea, and Pillsbury Carmel Buns! Yum so some yummy goodies that I wouldnt of bougt not on my budget. I had gome to buy Rice Krispies and chicken legs which both were on sale..
Then walking through Zellers I was given a FREE to love Vendor Week at Zellers. Oh and right now I listening to music that I downloaded for FREE with my win of 20 downloads from the Hershey Rip to Win I am a very happy camper right now!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School = FREEDOM!

The day started with an energetic lil girl waking her mom at 6:15 am with a "Mom, its the first day of school, lets get going"...To be honest I dont know who was more excited this morning me or her. I kept waking up every few hours, you know you dont want to be late on the first day.
So we got ready and waited for it to be time to go, which wasnt till 8:20. Even then we got there with plenty of time to spare. Roo was excited about her first day and I am thinking could this mean freedom for me!
Prayerfully Roo will have a good year ahead, which will mean that freedom I was writing about. As the parent of a special needs child there is much to my life that is done to care properly for her. I took the last 2 years to care for her primarily, to be there when the school called, to be there after school for her. This is the year that I want FREEDOM!
I want to be able to go to work like most other parents I know, especially single ones. I hate being that mom( you know the welfare one). I want so much to provide better for me and Roo. These last two years have been difficult, especially finicially - some days this mom isnt sure how she made it through. I want to have a somewhat normal life and not one that leaves me with less then $10 a day to live off that too much to desire?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

China Town

Today Roo I and I headed to China Town, what an insanely crazy busy place on the weekend!It was wall to wall people! Roo loves China Town. She loves the little trinkets and toys that she can find she was off to spend her $10. But our first stop was for Lunch was at Lucky Dragon. The restraunt is very basic but the food is good and cheap too. So we feasted and even brought hope a doggy bag. Then it was time to shop...Roo eyed several things and is quickly becoing a very thoughtful shopper. She was looking at fans, chinesse umberallas, toys, chopsticks and movies...for her $10 she got a small fan, turtle chopsticks, a change purse, and 2 movies. She is watching one right now..
It was packed down there but I do like to head down when I am looking for a specific item or two that I know I can get cheap, today I needed a new headphones and mike for my computer, well today I was able to do just that and for $5 too. Got to love Factory Direct. Well time for me to go watch High School Musical 2 with Roo.
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