Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School = FREEDOM!

The day started with an energetic lil girl waking her mom at 6:15 am with a "Mom, its the first day of school, lets get going"...To be honest I dont know who was more excited this morning me or her. I kept waking up every few hours, you know you dont want to be late on the first day.
So we got ready and waited for it to be time to go, which wasnt till 8:20. Even then we got there with plenty of time to spare. Roo was excited about her first day and I am thinking could this mean freedom for me!
Prayerfully Roo will have a good year ahead, which will mean that freedom I was writing about. As the parent of a special needs child there is much to my life that is done to care properly for her. I took the last 2 years to care for her primarily, to be there when the school called, to be there after school for her. This is the year that I want FREEDOM!
I want to be able to go to work like most other parents I know, especially single ones. I hate being that mom( you know the welfare one). I want so much to provide better for me and Roo. These last two years have been difficult, especially finicially - some days this mom isnt sure how she made it through. I want to have a somewhat normal life and not one that leaves me with less then $10 a day to live off of...is that too much to desire?


Janet said...

You sacrificed a lot to give your child the best.

That's what good moms do.

Congratulations to Roo, on her first day!

goldeneyedgoddess said...

Just peeking in...


HOLY said...

You know in all the flurry of back to schook, I forgot to take their first day of school pics. So I guess I'm going to have to pose them tomorrow and do that.

We have quite a run-around to get first him out the door and then her...not fun.

Look how tall and old Roo is starting to look - wow!

And re: your money comments, kids are so oblivious to financial hardships when they are getting the necessitities provided. Yes, she probably asks for expensive things like any kid but she does have her head on straight - she is living very high on the hog compared to kids in other parts of the world and for her to have the awareness and gratitude now is great.

Hang in the there - this is your year!

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