Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Good Day

Well today is turning into a good day! Got a call from Roo's school at lunch, she wasnt feeing well, but she stayed and tuffed it out and that is a good thing. Her tummy was bugging her.

Today I also got a call from Inside Toronto( our local community newspaper chain) and I won foour tickets to this Saturdays Argo game-- and it is againt the Hamilton Tiger Cats so we get to see the rivals play for free and they are great seats too.
Then I went grocery shopping. Spent $16.56 and came home with $39 in food. Why? Because I used Dominions Fresh or Free guarntee...want to know what I brought home for FREE? Calcium fortifed orange juice, Kellogs Winders( candy treat for Roo), Cookies, carmel tea, and Pillsbury Carmel Buns! Yum so some yummy goodies that I wouldnt of bougt not on my budget. I had gome to buy Rice Krispies and chicken legs which both were on sale..
Then walking through Zellers I was given a FREE to love Vendor Week at Zellers. Oh and right now I listening to music that I downloaded for FREE with my win of 20 downloads from the Hershey Rip to Win I am a very happy camper right now!


The Beast Mom said...

Well that does sound like a great day to me! All those freebies - woo-hoo! Gotta' like freebies. :)


SAAM said...

I LOVE free stuff. How was the game???

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