Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today is September 11th, there are so many thoughts that go through my head today that I think it wants to explode..

My mind is taken back to that dreadful day, the day I watched from afar as so many lives where changed forever. It is the day that Roo almost died cause I was watching the NEWS instead of her. She swallowed a toonie and it got caught in her lung pipe...after 7 hours in a cardiac care unit and a surgery I had my little girl back..so many were not as lucky as I was that day.

There were so many lives lost that day, and they will be remembered I am sure but what really is thier legacy? Some are known as heros, some have been somewhat forgotten with the passage of time. Some that volunteered that day for service and spent weeks down at ground zero are now dying as a direct result of being thier that day and they have been so neglected. I can remeber the flags as the firefighters and police officers walked back from the site. It is these men and women that are now the forgotten heros of the day..they are being neglected by thier forces, by thier city and even by thier country, but that often happens to those that serve valiantly. Thier is an air of expectation that you will go and serve, give and no matter what happens to you, you suck it up..that is the heros path right? WRONG..I think we as global citizens need to do more to thank and insure that no one is forgotten, they did that good deed without thought of themselves..so what can we do to insure a proper legacy for those who really are heros..
Support them. and thier families as we also support those who died that day let that be our good deed today. I would encourage you if you are American write and write again, let the major of New York, your congressmen, your senators know your thoughts on this day..Let us not let them die without the support they so need..
And if you really want to do a good deed today please do register it at www.mygooddeed.org .

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Thotman said...

It seems to me like a bad dream...incomprehensible...how the skyline never quite seems right as you look at it. I have wondered about its similarities with pearl harbor... the hour between the hits and the fall of the towers seems to have reduced the connection in my mind between the acts of war and the deaths they caused. Think about the delayed reactions between assalt and result... if you could push a button this week and have it destroy your enemy in two months...with little or no connection to the visable act...would it have the same impact? would it have the same force...would it cause the same desire for retribution?... I have imagined often the results chemicals or diseases which if genetically engineered to be detrimental to only one population...one set of genetic markers... were it to be introduced how by the time it became known, the culprit would be long gone...I dislike fighting what you can not see...what you can not trace...what you can not connect to the attack... If only we could engineer a tool which would seek out and destroy those with certain mental tendencies to do harm..selective elimination... so far we are both the victim and the perpetrator of a indiscriminate bombing effort to eliminate the barnicals, by sinking the ship... with the money we have spent I think we could have put a spy in bed with each and every terrorist alive today...precision surgery seems to beat amputation...do you agree?

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