Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a September!

Sorry I havent been blogging but I have been one very busy mom!

Okay the good stuff first:

Roo is settling in well at school this year. She has EA's in both morning and afternoon classrooms! She has completed about 3/4 of all the testing that they do at the begining of the year and is about 6 months behind, that is a good thing! She is doing well and now that behaviors are well under control we can do more for her LD. This is every parent who raises a special child's dream: that she be able to succeed at her level with her peers. I am a happy mom in how far she has come. On the pyshical front it has been a bit harder for her as allergies have hit and hit hard, Roo is now taking adult meds to help her cope but they are working so that is a good thing!

On the school front I blogged last year about being on the School Advisory council Exec., I am doing that again this year but a wee change is that I am not doing the chairing, woohoo! I am doing more with Home and School(PTA)..We are busy getting ready for our fall fair, can you imagine a mom who is running around looking for donations for our raffles??? Can You? Got anything to offer up? That is what I will be focused on for the next couple of weeks.

Then on the other school front I am now attending courses to upgrade my computer certification so by Christmas all my certifications will be up to speed!

Then there is the fact that I am apaprtmetn hunting, this one simply has been a huge drain to me and Roo and well we have stayed actually too long, it is time to move!

Bad Stuff:

This Monday will she me praying and praying some more as my mom undergos brain surgery to remove a tumor. Prayerfuly she recovers well.

Okay I think that catches you all on my crazy world right now!

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