Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ice cream Rewards

With the end of the month being on this past Sunday Roo completed a two month project.

We back at the begining of August set the goal that she would do one act of service without being asked every day for two months. If she achieved this goal she got to have an icecream party!

Well over the last two months Roo has gotten very creative in her goal. These are some of the things she did over the last 2 months: picked up dog droppings for our neighbour who forgot to take care of biz, made my bed more then once for me, made me breakfast in bed, called her gramma just to say Hi, sent her gram a letter, gave toys to a shelter, swept the deck and porch, served guests, made cookies for a friend, and helped at school whenever she could. Her teacher on Cirriculm Night told me Roo was too I had to explain our goal, and she told me that Roo was helpful at least once a day!

So Monday night for Family Night( yes we do a Mommy and Me night only) on Mondays we had an icercream party, 2 kinds of icecream, fudge sauce, crumbled cookies, brownies, and strawberries! Can you imagine what Roo coud create? CAn you? She called it a mountain of icecream and stuff. She was overstuffed, but the smile was worth it and I think she learned that she could help others in many hopefully the lesson of giving has been instilled.

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