Friday, October 5, 2007


I achieved a major goal today I walked 10 miles!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a major break through for me! It took me 2 hours but I did it! I am so very glad that I did!Tonight my legs and body are so very tired and sore but it is a good sore and tired, kind of like my body saying job well done!

Today I also joined a gym. That should help me get to my goal of having a healthier lifestyle. I am hoping this helps me get the weight off and have a bit more support as I am making radical changes to who and what Hollie does.

Tonight to reward myself we rented the movie Evan Almighty. Roo and I really liked it..Roo called it crazy insane, which I think is a good thing. Roo also got her 5th Webkinz today( a gift)
the webkin of the Month-the Frog, so her and Freddie had to play online of course. Starting to think Webkinz mania has hit this house full force...For Christmas all Roo wants are Webkinz..lots of them!lol


itcm said...

Wow indeed! I wish you continued success in your weight/health goals. You go girl. :)

As for the Webkinz craze, I recommend getting the Black Cat before they go out of season. Heck, pick up a couple and sell them for mucho $$ on eBay after they're gone... extra holiday cash for you and Roo!

The Beast Mom said...

TEN MILES? Holy cow, that's a lot in one shot. I don't think I could walk that all at once. I hope your fitness plan is super successful! It's so hard to keep up w/ young kids around. I haven't biked for quite a while but hopefully I'll get back in the saddle. Literally. ;)

SAAM said...

I sure hope you kept up the walking!! yay you!!!!

HOLY said...

10 miles - whoot whoot...that's great. That's like almost 18 km or something - holy schmoly.

I can't remember how many Webkinz HD and HS have - about 4 or 5 each I think - but she'll be getting a couple of more for her birthday this weekend - as will he next month so by Christmas, I'm sure it will be a menagerie between the two of them.

I just saw a commercial for - I was wondering how long it would take for someone to copycat webkinz. Kids still love club penguin though - I think because it's still so quintessentially Cdn - not the penguins but the hockey and the ski jumping and all the winter sport activities. Plus they get to dress their penguin up for Halloween. Too much fun.

Webkinz said...

Its cool to have a collection of webkinz whether you received it as a gift or you buy it by your self.

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