Saturday, April 11, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Several times I have moved blogs, changed them, and moved on. I have been the wandering blogger ;) . Really after I stopped writing here I moved on the Cheaper the Cheap then I moved to Common Cents Mom...I have decided to come back here and blog the more personal journey of me and Roo. My other blog CommonCentsMom will be more about the journey of saving money, budgeting, and deal finding. Here it will be more about raising a tween and our journey.

So to catch you all up. Roo and I have moved from Toronto and are currently in rural Nova Scotia where I work for Comcast doing technical support. I live now about a 1/2 hr from my Mom and 2 hours from my sister. We came back to Nova Scotia because my mom took ill last winter and almost died.

Here are a couple pictures to get you caught up on how much we have grown!

This is me taken yesterday, simply me, taken yesterday!

This is Roo, with her typical tween attitude! After trying on new clothes she didnt want her picture taken, poor kid!

Well I will be sharing more here about our journey and my thoughts so come on back you hear!

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